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Uganda Budget Safaris

Budget Safaris Factors Determining the Budget Of Your Safari to Uganda The Duration Of Your Uganda Safari The duration of your Ugandan safari plays a

Uganda Luxury Safaris

Luxury Safaris Gorilla Trekking Luxury Lodges in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, located in the region of Uganda is a UNESCO

fly in uganda safari

5 Day Fly In Queen Elizabeth Safari

Fly in package to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda where you’ll discover the incredible array of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes this remarkable destination has

elephant uganda

7 Day Big Five Safari Uganda

begin on an incredible adventure as we explore the captivating wilderness of Uganda during a thrilling 7 day safari with the goal of encountering the

7 Days Kenya Photo Safari Holiday

Witness the elephants of Amboseli National Park against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro. Immerse yourself in the sight of flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park

african safaris

7 days Uganda Photo Safari

Day 1; Arrival, at Entebbe International Airport Upon reaching Entebbe International Airport you’ll be warmly welcomed by your tour guide who will then escort you

zebra safaris

10 Days Uganda Photo Safari

Day 1; Arrival, at Entebbe International Airport Upon your arrival our friendly and experienced tour guide will be there to greet you and accompany you

wildlife adventure

6 days Photo Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arriving at Entebbe International Airport Welcome to Uganda, known as the pearl of Africa! Upon your arrival, at Entebbe International Airport you will

Bwindi cultural tours

10 Day Uganda Cultural Tour

Day 1; Arrival, in Kampala Welcome to Uganda! Your incredible ten day cultural safari begins when you arrive at Entebbe International Airport. Our knowledgeable guide


5 Days Uganda Culture Experience

Day 1; Arrival, in Kampala Your cultural adventure kicks off with your arrival in Kampala, the bustling capital city of Uganda. Upon landing at Entebbe

honeymoon safaris

3 Day Tanzanian Honeymoon Safari

Day 1; Arrival, in Arusha When you arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport your safari guide will warmly welcome you. Transfer you to Arusha. You’ll be

wildlife honeymoon

3 Day Kenyan Honeymoon Safari

Day 1; Arrival, in Nairobi. Transfer to Nairobi National Park Begin your honeymoon safari as soon as you arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. You’ll

honeymoon adventure

12 Days Uganda Honeymoon Safari

Day 1; Arriving in Entebbe Welcome, to Uganda! Your 12 day honeymoon safari begins soon as you land at Entebbe International Airport. Your personal guide

honeymoon holidays

5 Day Honeymoon Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, in Entebbe and Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Welcome to Uganda! When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport your safari guide

honeymoon vacation

7 Day Honeymoon Safari in Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, in Entebbe Upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport your tour guide will warmly welcome you. After an introduction you will be

uganda walking safaris

8 Days Walking Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arriving in Entebbe When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport, in Uganda our representative will warmly welcome you. Assist with immigration procedures. They

birding in africa safaris

23 Days Grand Birding Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, at Entebbe When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport our representative will warmly greet you. Transfer you to your accommodation in Entebbe.

uganda birding tours

16 Days Birding Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, in Entebbe When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport our representative will warmly greet you. Transfer you to your accommodation in Entebbe.

uganda birds tour

10 Days Birding Adventure Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, in Entebbe Upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport, our friendly representative will be there to warmly greet you. They will assist

6 Days Birding in Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, at Entebbe When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport, our representative will warmly welcome you. They will then transfer you to your

african safari budget

5 Day Budget Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, at Entebbe Upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport our representative will warmly welcome you. They will then assist you in reaching

7 Day Budget Wildlife Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arriving in Entebbe When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport our representative will warmly greet you. Take you to your accommodation, in Entebbe.

6 day Budget Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arriving in Entebbe When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport our representative will warmly greet you. Take you to your accommodation, in Entebbe.

budget gorilla trekking

3 Day Budget Gorilla Trekking Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, at Entebbe and Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport our representative will warmly welcome you. They

gorilla uganda trekking

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Gorilla Safari Packages

Mountain gorilla trekking/ Gorilla tracking; this is the main highlight of Uganda trips. It’s also the main reason why people travel from their home countries to Uganda. Bwindi has the highest population of gorilla in the world. You engage in gorilla tracking for 60 minutes as you take pictures and observing their way of life within the forest, The mountain gorilla silver back taking care of its family.
These endangered mountain gorillas share their 95% of their DNA with that of the humans, which makes them a must see attraction on any safari.You can see the gorillas of Africa,in Virunga National Park, Bwindi National Park and Volcanoes National Park.

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Mountain gorilla trekking/ Gorilla tracking; this is the main highlight of Uganda trips. It’s also the main reason why people travel

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Add Your Heading Text Here This sample itinerary was created by experts and is meant to inspire your next trip. It is ready to be

birding uganda

Birding in Uganda

There are over 1000 recorded bird species in the country and these are found in different parts of the country. The country has migratory birds that fly in during the wet season, endemic birds, Albertine rift valley endemic birds and near-endemic birds. Some of the top birding destinations include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Semuliki National Park, Mabamba Bay, Murchison falls National Park and Lake Mburo National Park among others.

sipi falls uganda

Sipi Falls Uganda Tour

Sipi falls is nestled in the Eastern part of Uganda in Kapchorwa district near Mbale district. It is located at least 277 kilometers away from

Game Viewing Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is a very attractive and exceptional safari destination filled with lots of wildlife. The country is located on the equator along the shores of Lake Victoria’s Northern Shore. This country has prolific wildlife which attracts many tourists that come to experience this wonderful gift of nature of the country. You can watch many animals in their habitats, a rewarding experience that can be enjoyed throughout the year.
Wildlife can be seen in National parks and reserves, and these are perfect places for adventure seekers, eco- tourists and holiday makers. The many Uganda safari wildlife include; the elephants, kobs, zebras, hippos, buffalos, huge forest hogs, sitatungas and birds.
These wildlife species have increased in the past 20 years which provides an opportunity to tourists to view almost all the animal species in Uganda

african safari holidays

Sightseeing Tours In Uganda

Uganda has 10 National Parks, a number of game reserves, wildlife sanctuaries among others where a number of wildlife have found habitation. So these places offer the best to sightseers. In Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Mburo National Parks tourists can enjoy game drives, boat cruises, sport fishing, nature walks, birding, and in some of these parks you can spot the Big 4 if you are lucky. Queen Elizabeth National Park even offers an opportunity to spot the climbing lions in the Ishasha sector.

chobe national park

Uganda Photo Safari Tour

A Photographic safari in Uganda is a very unique experience. Abundant wildlife viewing, long days, different environments, changes of weather and variable Geography all offer

Mission Trips in Uganda

MISSIONARY SAFARIS TO UGANDA Uganda hosts some of the world’s most mesmerizing wildlife species from the Big 5 to the Mighty Mountain Gorillas, the spectacular

fly in safaris Uganda

Fly In Safaris Uganda

The different parks and other safari destinations always receive direct flights mostly from Kajjansi air strip and these flights provide the tourists with the perfect view of Uganda from the skies and it also helps avoid the hustle of the daily jam that is constantly seen in the country and You are always escorted by a trained tour guide on the fly in safaris.

uganda tea farm africa

Farm Tours Uganda, Agritourism

Agro tourism in Uganda is mainly carried out in the Country and it has started attracting many tourists who go on safaris to see the beautiful gardens that are always on display for both the locals and the tourists who visit to see the different techniques that are used in the farms.

cycling africa

Biking Tours

BIKING TOURS IN UGANDA Going on an African safari can be very exciting. It is important that you make the best memories while in Africa

horseback safaris uganda

Horse Back Safaris Uganda

The area around the River Nile is an exceptional area ideal for horseback riding, then also riding through the many other breathtaking landscapes all over the country, such as through pristine farmlands, tea and sugarcane plantations, the rain forests, and also through grasslands and plains among others. This gives you an unforgettable experience as you ride the horse accompanied by guided skilled horse guides.

uganda food

Uganda Food Tours

Compared to other foods, African cuisine is very unique both in the kinds of foods served and how it is all prepared. In Uganda, meat and fish and almost all the produce grown are organic.
Uganda is a small country yet very big in terms of its culture. The country has over 45 tribes and most of these tribes have distinctive and unique foods. In order for you to have the best stay in Uganda, we have prepared information about the main foods grown, prepared, served and sold in Uganda.

African village safaris

African Village Tours Uganda

Most villages in Uganda still hold their traditional way of life and many still follow the way their ancestors lived; it is evidenced by the traditional rituals, music, dance and drama, traditional way of harvesting, food preparation and cooking, among other things. Some of these villages have been mentioned below to guide you on which to visit. The most amazing thing about it, is that all these villages are located in the famous tourist sites such as National Parks, Forests, and Lakes among others.

spot fishing

Fishing Trips

Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest fresh water lake and the largest in Africa, it is shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Other lakes that are great sites for fishing safaris in Uganda include; Lake Edward, Lake George, Lake Albert, and the swampy Lake Kyoga among others. The River Nile also offers great opportunities for fishing, it is the second longest river in the world.

bahai temple

Spiritual Tours in Uganda

There are several of spiritual or religious sites in Uganda. Among these sites, some belong to the different religious denominations in the country. It is

honeymoon uganda

Honeymoon Holidays in Uganda

Visit Uganda’s romantic destinations such as Murchison Falls, Lake Bunyonyi, Queen Elizabeth and more. See wildlife, trek the gorillas and relax at Ssese Islands.

culture uganda

Uganda Cultural Tours

Uganda has a very rich and diverse cultural background with several cultural sites found in different parts of the country. There are very many different tribes in Uganda and almost each tribe has a chiefdom or kingdom and they all have rich cultural practices.


2 Day Chimpanzee Safari Uganda

2 Day chimpanzee trekking in Budongo Forest Reserve Tour overview Budongo Forest reserve is located in Murchison falls national park and it covers an area

Uganda: Busoga tourism expo

Uganda: Busoga tourism expo The pearl of Africa might be small on the world map, but it has so much to offer as a tourist

Rwanda promotes tourism in Netherlands

Akagera National Park- Rwanda[/caption] Rwanda is on a tour to extend and expand its tourist market. last week the nation participated in the Vakantiebeurs tourism

What To Carry

A Uganda safari trip is no different. There are some things you just need to have. Here’s a list of 10 things that you will

Kampala Tour

There are many ways to tour and explore Uganda, and its capital, Kampala. You can do a bicycle safari, take a vehicle ride or you

What And Where To Eat In Uganda

Food is a necessity and a human right. When you are travelling anywhere, you will always wonder what you will eat when there. Some times

chimpanzee trekking uganda

Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda, Primate Safari

These can be trekked in Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kyambura Gorge in Maramagambo Forest and in Budongo Forest inMurchison falls national Park. Chimpanzee habituation can also be done from Ngamba Island Sanctuary on Lake Victoria.

Kibale forest national park harbors the most number of Chimpanzees and it has over 13 different primate species including; chimpanzees, monkeys including; La Hoest’s monkeys, vervet monkeys, and red tailed Colobus monkeys. Chimpanzee habituation can also be done and sets out every morning to specifically observe and study the general behavior of chimps with the main aim of making them used to human presence. Guests on Uganda tailor made tours can also opt to track these chimpanzees from Queen Elizabeth National Park within Kyambura Gorge and also in Budongo and Rwambongo Forest Reserve within Murchison Falls National Park.

Self Drive Safari in Uganda

What could possibly be so interesting about driving in Uganda? Self-drive in Uganda will test your nerves beyond anything you have ever experienced especially if

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is located a short way from Murchison falls national park near Para. This Rhino Sanctuary is more like the foundation of the restoration

Having Fun On Safari in Uganda

How can you be responsible on a Uganda safari, and still have fun? uganda safaris are full of exciting activities…. Here are a few tips

Ssezibwa Falls Safari Uganda

If you are looking for beautiful scenery with a bit of culture and history thrown in while on a safari in Uganda, the Ssezibwa falls

Getting Around Uganda

Travelling to Uganda is interesting and adventurous, travelling in and around Uganda is even more interesting and adventurous. If you looked at traffic in Kampala,

Queen elizabeth national park uganda safari

Tree Climbing Lion Safari Uganda

It is much easier to catch sight of a tree climbing lion in Ishasha than any of the other places where the lions are found. In ishasha they can be seen in sycamore trees and can often be spotted on a game drive.

What You Didnt Know About Uganda

We covered the myths and misconceptions about Idi Amin, Malaria, AIDS and War. Let ‘s continue with our list of  misconceptions about Uganda…… A mouthwatering plate

Idd Amin Safari Uganda

Different people have different ideas about Africa, a lot of misconceptions about the different countries and their people. Some of the stories have some element

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve can easily be called the hidden “gem” of the Albertine Rift valley in Uganda. Kabwoya wildlife reserve is found in western Uganda,

Tanzania: Jumbo hunting quota halved

The elephant population needs to grow….[/caption] the dead elephants, inform the transporters who deliver the merchandise to exporters who are in communication with buyers in

Chinese Safari in Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania…[/caption] Tanzania- China Investment Forum, the foundation laying ceremony of the Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation Square and visiting several China-Tanzania cooperation projects.

More Chinese Tourists expected in Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro one of the attractions Chinese tourists are eager to see..[/caption] Shanhua, said Chinese tourists are looking for new destinations and experiences.This is the

Of 2014/2015 East African Budgets and Tourism

Kenya’s beautiful Sandy beaches are very popular with tourists..[/caption] important contributor to the country’s revenue. After the terrorist attacks, and the travel advisories that followed,

Travelling to Mgahinga Gorilla NP

Mgahinga gorilla lies in southwestern Uganda. It is found in kisoro district which is about 540km from Uganda’s capital Kampala. The route to this small

kidepo valley national park uganda

Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda Trips

Kidepo Valley National Parkboasts of 77 different species of mammals and about 463 bird species. The list of Uganda wildlife safari animals that live inside this park is quite exciting and different from other parks in Uganda.

uganda birding shoebill

Birding in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda is famously known as a birding paradise since it has over half of bird species in Africa, this made it the best bird watching safari destination in Africa and the world at large. With its unique vegetation of tropical rain forest and savannah in the east. Uganda is among the countries in the world with unique bird watching sites like Queen Elizabeth national Park which has over 600 species of birds, there are also over 100 African forest bird species and among these are the gem like green broadbill, Black and white casqued Hornbill, great blue turaco and the 23 endemic bird species to rift valley of East Africa. It’s only in Uganda where you can view the most adored African species like shoe bill stock. Below are the main birding spots in Uganda; Bwindi National Park which has the many albertine Rift endemics and has a total of 320 bird species, Queen Elizabeth National park with 600 bird species, Kibale National Park has 35 bird species and Bigodi wetland swamp has 138 species of birds, Mahamba swamp in Entebbe to view the shoebill

Uganda markets Tourism In Washington

She said the Embassy is working together with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities; Uganda Tourism Board (UTB); Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Association

General weather in Bwindi

Bwindi has a tropical climate. Average temperatures range from a minimum of 7-20°C to a maximum of 20-27°C. Bwindi receives up to 2390mm of rain

Uganda creates Tourism police

Uganda has set up a specialist tourism police force as part of counter-terrorism measures, amid warnings of attacks by Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab. Police spokesman Patric

Reviews and Testimonials

( These clients published the photos and their experience on their blog  here, http://safariuganda.shutterfly.com ) Sussanne , Austria ********************************************************************************* Travel Review: 4 DAY UGANDA WILDLIFE

mount elgon national park

Mount Elgon & Sipi Falls Safari To Uganda

Mount Elgon National park is situated close to Mbale in Eastern Uganda. It covers a total land expanse of 1145 sq km. the park was named after the most significant natural feature – Mount Elgon that stands at a height of 4321 meters; Mount Elgon is an extinct Volcanic Mountain found on Uganda’s border with Kenya.

rwenzori mountains climbing

Mount Rwenzori Climbing

The high Mountain Rwenzori comprises of six different mountains. Although it is located only a couple of miles north of the equator crossing, Mount Stanley is the highest of all standing at a height of 5,109 meters, Baker standing at a height of 4843 meters and then Speke towering at 4890 meters and fascinating about these is the fact that each f these peaks is entirely covered by non-seasonal glaciers. These peaks can be reached by hiking the Central Circuit trail or the Kilembe Trail.

kibale forest national park

Kibale Forest National Park Uganda Safari

-Famous for chimpanzee tracking.
Covers 795sq kms, 1590m above sea level.
-70 mammal species., elephants, red and blue duikers, giant forest hogs, buffalo, sitatunga and bushbucks.
-13 primate varieties; chimps, baboons, white and black colobus.
-325 species of birds., Green tinker bird, Africa and green breasted pitas, African grey parrot, Ground Thrush (Turdus Kibalensis) endemic to Kibale Forest National Park.
-Over 250 tree species.
-Areas of interest include Bigodi Wetlands, Kanyanchu and Sebitoli.

mburo uganda

Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

68 various mammal species have been recorded within Lake Mburo National Park, approximately 313 different bird species among which is the crested crane found on the national emblem of Uganda found in this are covered with thick acacia woodland plus savannah 158 sq miles; this park generally has a varied  fauna in comparison to other wildlife reserves.

murchison falls national park

Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

Murchison Falls National park is one of the largest National parks in the country with 76 different animal species count and about 450 bird species that you will see on a wildlife safari in Uganda.
-80 km stretch of rapids and falls. Nile squeezes through an 8m wide gorge.
– 76 mammals, Four of the “big five animals” found here. Lion, Buffalo, elephants and leopards.
Other animals include Uganda kob, waterbucks, warthogs, hippos, giraffe and Jackson’s hartebeest.
-Primates include Olive baboons, 800 chimpanze in Budongo and Kaniyo Pabidi forests.
The best uganda safaris are done here.

gorilla tours

Bwindi Forest National Park Safari Uganda

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is famed for estimated 320 endangered mountain gorillas, ( Gorilla Berengei, Berengei)
-120 mammals
-Primate Species, baboons, chimps,
-350 bird species, 23 belonging to Albertine Rift endemics.
-Discover the Batwa Pygmy cultures.

Queen elizabeth national park uganda safari

Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Safari Adventure

The most loved safari experience is the lion tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
-95 mammal species
-Best for game drives in Kasenyi tracks, North Kazinga and Ishasha sector.
-Lions, Buffalo, antelope, elephants, warthogs, baboons and more.
-600 bird species.

4 Days Mount Elgon Tour

The 4 Days Mount Elgon Hiking/Trekking Safari will make you able to Hike the Elgon Mountain and enjoy splendid views, from Sipi waterfalls, and the

6 Days Gorilla Tour, Uganda and Rwanda

This 6 days Gorilla Tour will start and end in Kigali- Rwanda’s capital. The tour takes you to Rwanda and Uganda for Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park respectively


4 Days Bwindi Gorillas & Mburo

The 4 days Bwindi Gorillas and Lake Mburo safari will expose you to both Ugandas Forested parts and the Savannah Plains in Bwindi Impenetrable and Lake Mburo National Parks respectively.

Duration: 4 Days
Price: From $ 1054

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