New Tourism Uganda Boss To Boost Uganda Safari Tours

UTB boss expresses intensions to quadruple number of tourists Gifted with numerous national parks, geographical features, birds and primates, Steven Asimwe the brand-new executive director of the Uganda Tourist Board – UTB has vowed to take tourism to a better level, increase the numbers of tourists, attract more investors as well as promote Uganda across the entire planet. He said that it is everyone’s responsibility to paint a beautiful picture of our mother country Uganda as a tourist destination. He thanked the outgoing team for bringing in as many as 1.2 million tourists into the country each year. But said that with his new team they intend to actually quadruple the number. Asimwe emphasized that during his period in office, he is intending to engage the entire country and also work with some of the regional partners, cultural institutions, conservation groups, the media as well as the local government to implement the master plan of the tourism industry which is stated in the ambitious Vision2040 of Uganda. John Ssempebwa serving as his deputy, Mr. Asimwe has implored private investors to actually exploit the existing opportunities within the tourism sector. Cuthbert Baguma In his address as he talked about the achievements he gained and challenges he endured, with satisfactions he mentioned that he earned very many awards from well-known tourism bodies. Baguma also said that one way or another Uganda has remained on the top internationally with source of River Nile eventually being declared among Africa’s 7 wonders, and then Kidepo Valley National Park was as well named among the finest on the African continent. The tree climbing lions in Ishasha acquired an award in the national geographic photograph contest. that aside, Uganda can’t be ignored if talking about the available 29, 200 gorilla trekking permits each year.   Because this part of the planet is endowed with about 1050 bird species and for that reason it was declared a birding paradise. James Tumusiime The board chairman of UTB said that working on a minimal budget affects any activity thus not motivating the members of staff. Amos Wekesa director of the Great Lakes said that Kenya invested sh74b to promote their tourist attractions to the rest of the world. Tanzania as well invested sh12b to promote its tourism while Rwanda puts in sh12b. Uganda has remained at sh221m however The budget needs to be stepped up, and the tourist products offer by Uganda ought to be promoted on the international maps. Calls are being made in the tourism industry for the $25 billion offered by the World Bank to be used in promoting Uganda’s tourist products. half of this amount has been planned to be used in renovating the School of tourism & human resources found in Jinja. Some of the weaknesses that have been pointed out within the tourism sector include; double taxation of the tourism facilities such as hotels plus community tourism packages and inconsistence in international global identity. Harriet Nakito Uganda’s miss tourism, together with Stacy Aamito Africa’s next top model and Maria Mutagambwa the minister for tourism & antiquities, said that this new team of UTB has come at a time when the African continent is experiencing a crisis. Minister Mutagambwa said that Statistics show that every 10 hours a rhino is murdered by a poacher. Sadly this has left the African continent with not more than 3500 rhinos. In 2011 alone, an overwhelming 25,000 elephants were brutally poached and then in 2012 about 22,000 elephants where killed. She added that We have to aggressively protect Uganda’s wildlife from this unlawful trade. On the other hand the Uganda Wildlife Authority is centering all it effort to curb these illegal practices. Game rangers have been trained and also equipped with up to date crime satiated skills plus equipment. However, the poachers are rapidly getting more complicated and well armed. Over 7 rangers have sadly lost their dear lives while on duty. The African continent needs the support of the rest of the world in battling against the poaching of elephants plus rhinos which are greatly reducing in numbers. Not so long ago, the UK announced a $16 million to be used in fighting against illegal trade of wildlife and poaching. The minister said that Uganda has to save the elephant population now because if they wait it will be really late to save this iconic specie in our national parks.]]>