Africa Big Five Safaris

Top Destinations To See The Big Five Animals in Africa

The Big Five Animals of Africa

African Elephant

elephants of uganda

On your safari adventure, you will see the African Elephant, the biggest animal on land. There are two kinds, the big Savannah elephants and the smaller Forest elephants. These smart animals live in groups led by an older female, or matriarch. They eat different things like grass, bark, fruits, and branches. Sadly, there are only about 415,000 left because their homes are being destroyed and some people kill them for their ivory.



African Lion

uganda lionThe most popular of the big five animals is the lion. The king of the jungle survives an average of15 years. The population in Africa is about 39,000. The most popular parks in Africa to see the lion include Serengeti National park with over 4000 lions and Masai Mara with about 900 lions. The unique experience of visiting the tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda and Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania is very rewarding.



African Leopards

uganda-leopardAbout 700,000 leopard population exists in Africa. The best destinations to see this  wildlife animal in in Kruger National Park, Madikwe Game Reserve, South Luangwa National Park and Serengeti National Park. The leopards are the smallest animals about the big cats but their ability to change based on the various habitats around Africa make them famous to see during an African safari.

African Buffalo

uganda buffaloThese large and powerful animals live up to 25 years in the wild. With a population of over 900,000, the Buffalo is the second common animal among the big five.  Visit Chobe National Park, Masai Mara National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. The buffalo is a herbivorous animal and play a big role in most of the parks ecosystem.  The largest predators of buffaloesare the large crocodiles and lions.

African Rhinoceros

black rhino akagera national parkThis second largest land mammal after the elephant lives up to 50 years old. In Africa you find the black rhino and the white rhino. The population of white rhinos is 18,000 and black rhinos is 5,500.

African Safaris To See the Big Five

 Kenya Safaris

The Maasai Mara National Reserve, in Kenya is renowned worldwide for its wildlife population, which includes lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos. One of the sights is the Great Migration when over 2 million wildebeests and zebras bravely cross the treacherous Mara River to travel between Tanzania and Kenya each year. Additionally Kenyas Tsavo National Park covers an area of 22,000 kilometers while Amboseli National Park offers breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro and is home to more than 1,400 elephants.

Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania is home to the Serengeti National Park, which spans 14,750 square kilometers and boasts a remarkable population density of the Big Five animals. The Ngorongoro Crater, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site provides a habitat for 25,000 animals including all members of the Big Five. Another must visit destination in Tanzania is the Selous Game Reserve that covers an area of 50,000 square kilometers.

Uganda Safaris

Uganda is primarily known for its gorilla trekking adventures in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. However it’s worth noting that Queen Elizabeth National Park (1,978 kilometers) and Murchison Falls National Park (3,893 kilometers), in Uganda also host an array of wildlife species including the Big Five.

Botswana Safaris

Botswana boasts the Okavango Delta, which spans a 22,000 square kilometers. This breathtaking landscape attracts a variety of game animals, including the Big Five. For a experience head, to Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park during the dry season when wildlife congregates around watering holes.

Namibia Safaris

When it comes to spotting the Big Five in Namibia Etosha National Park takes stage. Covering an expanse of 22,270 kilometers this park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The expansive salt pan acts as a magnet for species during the season offering unparalleled opportunities for game viewing.

Zambia Safaris

In Zambia South Luangwa National Park takes pride in being the birthplace of walking safaris. This stunning park spans 9,050 kilometers and is known for its extraordinary Big Five encounters. Additionally Lower Zambezi National Park is another choice for those seeking thrilling Big Five safaris.

Zimbabwe Safaris

Zimbabwes crown jewel in terms of Big Five viewing is Hwange National Park—a reserve spanning a 14,651 square kilometers. It has gained deserved acclaim for its watering holes that attract a wealth of wildlife throughout the year but especially during the dry season. Another remarkable safari destination in Zimbabwe is Mana Pools National Park—a UNESCO World Heritage Site that guarantees experiences, with its biodiversity.

South Africa Safaris

South Africa is renowned for its Kruger National Park, which covers an area of 19,485 square kilometers. This vast wilderness is home, to a range of wildlife including 1,600 majestic lions, 17,000 magnificent elephants and 1,000 elusive leopards. Just to name a few members of the famous Big Five. Additionally there are parks like Pilanesberg National Park and the privately owned reserves in the Greater Kruger region such as Sabi Sand and Timbavati.

While encountering the Big Five undoubtedly remains a highlight for visitors these areas also offer an abundance of creatures an array of bird species to delight nature enthusiasts awe inspiring landscapes that will leave you breathless with their beauty and cultural experiences that showcase the rich diversity found within South Africa.