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Are you a solo traveller seeking fulfilling personal experiences or  a couple on a safari to Zimbabwe? How about a group of friends or a family affair, we tailor every safari to suit your needs and preferences.

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Hwange National Park

Spanning a 14,650 kilometers this is Zimbabwes largest national park. It is renowned for its elephant population with 40,000 magnificent individuals roaming its grounds. In addition to elephants Hwange accommodates over 100 species of mammals including lions, elusive leopards, swift cheetahs and various antelope species. Bird enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise with over 400 recorded bird species among them the awe inspiring fish eagle. When visiting Hwange National Park travelers have a selection of accommodations to choose from ranging from lodges like Linkwasha Camp to The Hide Safari Camp. The park offers an array of activities such as game drives, guided walks through the wilderness thrilling night drives under the stars and opportunities to experience local culture by visiting nearby villages.

Mana Pools National Park

This remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site spans across an area of 2,196 kilometers. It has gained fame for its lakes that attract numbers of hippos Nile crocodiles elephants and buffalos during the dry season. Furthermore the park is home to predator sightings including lions the kings of the wild leopards and cheetahs along with the endangered African wild dogs.Bird watching enthusiasts will also be enthralled by the presence of, over 350 bird species.

There are some accommodations, in this wildlife paradise, such as Ruckomechi Camp and Kanga Camp, where you can experience luxury. Popular activities include canoe safaris, game drives, fishing and guided walks.

Matobo National Park

Moving on to Matobo National Park even though its smaller at 424 kilometers it’s renowned for its population of black rhinos. It’s also a bird lovers dream with a third of Zimbabwes eagle species residing here. The park is home to antelope species like klipspringer, impala and the elusive leopard. You can find accommodation options like Matobo Hills Lodge and Big Cave Camp that blend perfectly with the surroundings. Activities range from game drives. Rhino tracking to exploring rock art sites and the unique kopje landscapes.

Gonarezhou National Park

Gonarezhou National Park is known as the ‘place of elephants in the language covering an impressive 5,000 square kilometers. Apart from elephants this park is home to lions, leopards cheetahs, dogs. Bird enthusiasts will be delighted by over 400 species including the southern carmine bee eater. The Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge offers views, over the park. Activities include game drives, guided walks bird watching as visiting the stunning Chilojo Cliffs.

Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Park is situated alongside the Lake Kariba covering an area of approximately 1,400 square kilometers. It boasts a range of wildlife, including buffalo, elephants, lions and a significant population of rhinos. The parks serene surroundings attract water birds making it an ideal destination, for bird enthusiasts. For those seeking accommodation with views of the lake Bumi Hills Safari Lodge comes highly recommended. Popular activities in the park include boat cruises, fishing excursions and thrilling game drives.

Nyanga National Park

Moving on to Nyanga National Park, a sanctuary spanning 472 kilometers. This park is home to mammals such as blue duiker, klipspringer and Samango monkeys. Bird lovers will be delighted by sightings of species like Swynnertons robin and the majestic crested eagle. An excellent choice for lodging is the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel. An establishment with its own charm. Visitors can partake in activities such as hiking expeditions, fishing escapades, horse riding adventures while also exploring Zimbabwes waterfall. Mutarazi Falls.

Chimanimani National Park

Chimanimani National Park covers an area of 171 kilometers. Serves as a haven for avid hikers and bird watchers alike. Within its boundaries reside mammal species along with an impressive array of unique bird species. For accommodation options within the park itself one can opt for Heaven Lodge. Key attractions here include invigorating hikes through trails amidst breathtaking landscapes along with mountain climbing experiences that test ones limits. Additionally exploring the mesmerizing Bridal Veil Falls adds another layer of enchantment, to this captivating destination.

Chizarira National Park

Chizarira National Park,  in Zimbabwe covers an expansive area of approximately 2,000 square kilometers. Despite its known status it boasts a range of wildlife including elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards and over 350 species of birds. Camping is a choice for visitors who enjoy engaging in game drives and guided walks to immerse themselves in the beauty of the park. It offers an opportunity for those seeking a wilderness experience without heavy tourist crowds.

Kazuma Pan National Park

Kazuma Pan National Park this small park  of around 316 kilometers and serves as a sanctuary for elephants, buffalos and various antelope species. Bird enthusiasts will be delighted by the presence of than 300 bird species that call this park their home. Basic camping facilities are available for visitors who wish to explore the park through game drives and bird watching activities.

Zambezi National Park

Lastly we have Zambezi National Park which sprawls across an expanse of 56,000 hectares. This park offers opportunities for game viewing with sightings of lions leopards well as herds of majestic sable antelope. Birdwatching enthusiasts will be thrilled by the presence of over 400 bird species including fish eagles and black eagles. For those seeking accommodations amidst natures beauty
the Zambezi Sands River Camp provides luxury tented options. Exploring the Zambezi River through exhilarating game drives,
fishing excursions or indulging in bird watching experiences are activities, within this remarkable park.

Zimbabwe Safari Activities

Game Drives

When it comes to safaris in Zimbabwe game drives are a must. You can find them in all of Zimbabwes parks. The most famous and expansive one is Hwange National Park. It’s a place where you can come face, to face with some of Africas species. With a population of around 40,000 elephants Hwange is considered one of the spots in Africa to witness these magnificent creatures. The park is also home to 8,000 Cape buffalos, 3,000 zebras, 500 lions and 100 African wild dogs. Making every game drive an exhilarating adventure.

Walking Safaris

For those seeking an grounded experience walking safaris are available in various parks. One standout location for this activity is Mana Pools National Park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within its borders reside about 2,500 elephants and around 200 lions. Embarking on a walking safari gives you an opportunity to encounter these creatures up close in their environment. Moreover under the guidance of experts you can. Learn about the smaller details of the ecosystem such as animal tracks and local plant life.

Canoeing Safaris

In Zimbabwe there are possibilities for water based exploration, through canoeing safaris.
In Mana Pools National Park visitors have the opportunity to go on canoeing safaris along the Zambezi River. It’s a chance to peacefully glide past herds of elephants and buffalos as they come to drink or take a bath, in the river. This park is also home to around 12,000 Nile crocodiles, hundreds of hippos and a wide variety of birdlife making each canoeing safari a delight for wildlife enthusiasts.

Birding in Zimbabwe

One of the attractions in Zimbabwe is birdwatching, with over 670 recorded bird species. Matusadona National Park, situated on the shores of Lake Kariba is especially popular among bird enthusiasts. The park boasts than 240 species of birds including vibrant ones like the Pitta bird African fish eagle and lilac breasted roller.

Night Game Drives

For those seeking an exhilarating experience observing creatures in their habitats several parks in Zimbabwe offer night drives. Hwange National Park is particularly known for its night drives where visitors can spot many of its 120 species such as the leopard cunning spotted hyena and various owl species. Observing wildlife under the African night sky is an experience that will stay with you.

Boat Cruises

To enjoy a tranquil and picturesque way of observing wildlife within Matusadona National Park, boat cruises, on Lake Kariba are highly recommended.
Visitors have the opportunity to observe a variety of crocodiles, hippos and waterbirds while comfortably sailing on a boat. As the day comes to a close they can witness the breathtaking sunsets that Lake Kariba is renowned for.


Anglers who are passionate, about fishing will find Lake Kariba to be a destination. With 40 fish species it is especially famous for its challenging tigerfish attracting sports fishing enthusiasts. Combining this thrilling activity with wildlife viewing from a boat creates an safari experience.

Rhino Tracking

Zimbabwe stands out as one of the countries where visitors can track rhinos on foot. Matobo National Park offers an exhilarating opportunity for this adventure. With around 400 rhinos and 200 black rhinos Matobo provides a chance to witness these majestic and critically endangered creatures up close.

Zimbabwe Cultural Experience

 Besides its wildlife Zimbabwe also boasts cultural heritage and historical significance. Exploring rock art sites in Matobo National Park or engaging with communities near Hwange National Park allows visitors to immerse themselves in local traditions, dances and handicrafts. Historical landmarks like the Rhodes Nyanga Hotel in Nyanga National Park offer glimpses into Zimbabwes past.

Horse Riding Safaris

Horse enthusiasts can indulge their passion for equestrianism with horseback safaris offered in parks, like Hwange.
When you ride through the parks landscapes you get to witness the variety of habitats and wildlife from a standpoint. It’s an peaceful way to venture into the bush.

Photo Safari in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe boasts landscapes captivating wildlife and breathtaking vistas that offer opportunities, for photography enthusiasts. Accompanied by expert guides dedicated photography safaris ensure that both beginners and experienced photographers can capture that shot. Whether its a mesmerizing sunset over Hwange, a gathering of elephants in Mana Pools or the awe inspiring Victoria Falls there are moments waiting to be immortalized.

Scenic Flights

Lets not forget about experiencing Zimbabwes landscapes from above. Scenic flights are especially popular over Victoria Falls—a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned as “The Smoke That Thunders.” This majestic waterfall is one of the largest and most impressive in the world. Soaring above it provides a perspective, on this wonder while offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Zambezi River and Batoka Gorge.