Fly In Safaris Africa

murchison falls national park
Arrive in Kigali, then take a scenic helicopter ride to Volcanoes National Park, the home of endangered mountain gorillas. Experience
gorillas of africa
Luxury gorilla trekking in Uganda, best primate safari tour.
murchison falls national park
Discover the wonders of Rwanda in a 7-day fly in safari. Traverse Kigali and venture into Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes

Top Africa Fly in Safari Destinations

South Africa. Kruger National Park

kruger fly in safari

Luxury Lodge

 Royal Malewane is a retreat, in the midst of the wilderness. Their suites offer four poster beds, elegant antique furniture, private decks and pools. The spa at this lodge is renowned as one of the finest in Africa.

Luxury Activities

You can spot the ‘Big Five’ (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo) during game drives. Take in the views of the park on a hot air balloon ride. Indulge in relaxing spa treatments during your leisure time.

Flight Time

It takes approximately an hour to reach Kruger National Park from Johannesburg.



Botswana. Okavango Delta

botswana camp safari

Luxury Lodge

Jao Camp offers a level of luxury. The accommodations feature plunge pools, private decks and exquisite indoor outdoor showers. The spa at this lodge provides treatments with views overlooking the delta.

Luxury Activities

Explore the delta by embarking on a mokoro canoe or enjoying a boat ride. Witness lions, cheetahs and African wild dogs, during thrilling game drives. Immerse yourself in the areas diverse birdlife.

Flight Duration

It takes 1.5 hours to fly from Maun.



Tanzania. Serengeti National Park

serengeti luxury lodge

Upscale Lodge

Singita Sabora Tented Camp offers a camping experience inspired by the 1920s with stylish furniture and elegant traveling chests. Every aspect exudes lavishness.

Luxurious Activities

Witness the Great Migration from an air balloon explore the Serengeti on horseback and engage in community visits, for an enriching cultural exchange.

Flight Duration

The flight from Arusha to Serengeti National Park takes 2 hours.



Kenya. Maasai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara

Upscale Lodge

Angama Maras tented suites provide an awe view of the Mara landscape below. Each suite features a glass front that offers an unobstructed wilderness panorama.

Luxurious Activities

Enjoy game drives to spot the ‘Big Five’ take a hot air balloon safari for an aerial park perspective and immerse yourself in Maasai cultural visits, for a holistic experience.

Flight Duration

It takes 1 hour to fly from Nairobi to Maasai Mara National Reserve.



Zambia. South Luangwa National Park

african safari camps

Chinzombo Camp, a lodge provides a blend of opulence and untamed wilderness. Its villas boast living areas private plunge pools. Cooled sleeping spaces to ensure ultimate comfort.
Indulge, in thrilling activities at Chinzombo Camp such as night drives to witness animals walking safaris bird watching to admire an incredible variety of species and exploring nearby villages for an authentic taste of local culture.
The flight duration from Lusaka to Chinzombo Camp is 1.5 hours.



Etosha National Park in Namibia

Luxury lodge

Ongava Lodge is a luxury accommodation nestled within an outcrop. Offers breathtaking panoramic views. Each chalet is equipped with air conditioning and private verandas that provide game viewing opportunities.
Embark on exhilarating game drives in Etosha National Park to encounter an array of wildlife including white rhinos, majestic lions, elusive leopards, mighty elephants and the unique Hartmanns Mountain Zebra. Guided walks and bird watching expeditions further enrich the range of experiences
The flight time from Windhoek, to Etosha National Park is 1 hour.



Zimbabwe. Hwange National Park


Experience the Linkwasha Camp, a lodge, with tents that have stunning floor to ceiling glass doors giving you breathtaking panoramic views of the beautiful landscape.
Enjoy exciting game drives to witness elephants African wild dogs and more than 100 different mammal species. You can also go on walking safaris visit villages and immerse yourself in experiences.
The flight from Victoria Falls to Hwange National Park takes 1 hour.



Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park

bisate lodge rwanda

Indulge in the Bisate Lodge designed with inspiration from traditional Rwandan architecture. The villas offer views of the landscape and come equipped with fireplaces, spacious living areas and heated plunge pools.
Engage in an unforgettable gorilla trekking adventure – one of the most awe inspiring wildlife encounters you can have. Additionally enjoy golden monkey tracking. Engage with communities for even more luxury experiences.
The helicopter ride from Kigali, to Volcanoes National Park takes 20 minutes.

These exceptional fly in safari experiences provide comfort while allowing you to marvel at some of the worlds remarkable wildlife.
They really capture the essence of “glamping,” which’s luxurious camping, at its absolute best.