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In a country that is referred to as the pearl of Africa, fly in safaris in Uganda are becoming rampant as people do not want to spend more time moving from one destination to another. And just like the name suggests, this is where people use air transport throughout their safari stay in a country and the different companies provide small air crafts that transport the different tourists from one place to another. Although road trips are fun and adventurous and you get to view everything from a close range position, the bumpy roads that are found in almost every part of Uganda are a nightmare especially if you want a smooth ride after a long trip and that is why most people are now opting for Fly in safaris. The beauty about fly in safaris is that you get to visit as many destinations as you want in a short time and you also get to visit some of the inaccessible places in the country. The different parks and other safari destinations always receive direct flights mostly from Kajjansi air strip and these flights provide the tourists with the perfect view of Uganda from the skies and it also helps avoid the hustle of the daily jam that is constantly seen in the country and You are always escorted by a trained tour guide on the fly in safaris. fly in safaris Uganda There are special services that are offered when it comes to flying safaris and some of these include
  • Aerial photography with all the necessary equipment for all the photographs that you might want to take from the aero plane and any filming that you will need to take.
  • The aero planes are filled with medical supplies and a medical personnel just in case there are any emergencies.
There are several domestic air flight companies that operate in Uganda and these have been listed below for easy search in case you want to fly to your safari destination although you should note that some of them fly to specific destinations.
  • Aero link
Aero link is the most famous domestic charter flight companies in the country and the rest of East Africa. Aero link normally operates three route flights to Queen Elizabeth National Park through the Kasese air strip and the Mweya airport. Unlike other charter companies there are Aero link carries eleven passengers per trip and fifteen kilos of luggage.
  • Eagle air
Eagle air normally operates in the Northern part of Uganda that is Arua and Gulu and it is one of the major domestic flight charter companies in the country. It normally flies to Pakuba air strip and chobe air strip which are both located in Murchison National Park.
  • Fly Uganda
Fly Uganda can be found at Kajjansi air strip and it flies to almost all the National parks in the country and it carries two people per day and the flight costs only 290 dollars per person. Flight safari destinations in Uganda There are various destinations where fly in safaris can be done in Uganda and some of the best destinations have been listed below. Flight safaris to Murchison Falls National Park Murchison Falls National Park is located in the North western part of Uganda and can be accessed by boat, road transport or air transport. It is a home to the famous Murchison Falls which are widely visited by the different tourists. The park can be accessed through the Pakuba air strip and the Bugungu air strip in the north of the Park. Several airstrips have been constructed in the Park to ease transportation. The list of the few air ports that can be accessed within or outside the parks include: Airstrips in Murchison Falls National Park                   
  • Pakuba airstrip
Pakuba airstrip is located in the Northern part of the Murchison Falls National Park and it is the best to use by most of the tourists especially if you are searching for accommodation in the Northern Part of the Park.
  • Bugungu airstrip
This is located in the Southern Part of the Park and the flights are always operated by aero link. So for all those who want to access the southern part of the Park with the aim of getting accommodation, this is the best air strip to use while in Murchison.
  • Chobe airstrip
This is privately owned and is found near the Chobe safaris lodge. The flights are normally arranged for those that are visitors to Chobe safari lodge. Therefore for all those who want a luxury aero plane ride to Murchison, this is the best air strip to use. Flight safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park Queen Elizabeth National Park is only 410 kilometers away from the capital city of Kampala in the … part of Uganda. Most of the flights that go to Queen Elizabeth Park charter either from Entebbe international airport or the Kajjansi air strip and all these can be organized by the tour operating company that you are using. Even though Uganda has limited air lines, the few that are around are always readily available to take safari tourists to their different destinations. Airstrips in Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Mweya airstrip
  • Kasese Air strip
  • Ishasha air strip
Flight safaris to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Bwindi Impenetrable Park is located in the western Part of Uganda and it is a home to thousands of mountain gorillas. It is the best place where one can enjoy gorilla trekking and birding with ease due to the conservation that has been spearheaded by the government and you will also get to meet the Batwa people who are the original occupants of the area. There are two flights that operate to Bwindi and these are by Aero link and they are chartered from Entebbe International airport to Kihihi airstrip which is only one hour and half from Buhoma region where the Park is located. Note that like the Queen Elizabeth National Park, there is no direct flight route and airstrip to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Flight safaris to Kibale National Park Kibale National Park is located in the western part of the country and it is best known for the large number of elephants and gorillas that are found in the area. It is a tropical forest which is currently facing a bout of deforestation by the different companies and locals that live around the Park. There is no direct flight route to Kibale National park but the flight drops you off in Kasese air strip and then you drive off to the park which is just a short distance away from the airstrip. There are various wild life that you can see in the Park and thee include warthogs, peter’s duiker, bushbucks, blue monkeys, elephants, buffalos, giant forest hogs, primates and many more other  animals. Flight safaris to Kidepo Valley National Park Kidepo Valley National Park is located in the North Eastern Part of the country and the roads leading to the park are so bad since it is found in the one of the most remote places in Uganda. The Park is 700 kilometers from the capital city Kampala and is surrounded by the IK and Karamojong people who live in the area. Most of the fly in trips to Kidepo are organized by aero link and in most cases the minimum number of people that can be transported are only two due to the small size of the aero planes that are used for these trips. Flight safaris to the Mgahinga national Park Mgahinga national Park is also located in the western part of the country near the Bwindi Impenetrable Park. The flights that go to Mgahinga land in Kisoro at the Kisoro airstrip and then you have to drive for a few minutes to the Mgahinga National Park and it can also not be directly accessed by flight due to the absence of an air strip within the Park. Flight safaris to Semiliki National Park Semiliki National Park is also located in the western part of the country near Kibale National Park and it is also famous for the large number of primates that are found in the Park. The Park also has no direct flight route to it therefore the chartered aero plane lands at Kasese air strip which is the nearest to the Parka and then you have to drive for the rest of the journey in order to access the Park. There are different airstrips as mentioned above that tourists can use for their fly in safari in Uganda and these can easily be accessed from the Entebbe international airport. The several airstrips that are found in the different parks offer different services that will help you understand more about the pearl of Africa. And the beauty about the fly in safaris in Uganda is that you get to see everything from the wild animals, birds and other tourist attractions in the country just that this time you get to see them within a short time.