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Insight Safari Holidays takes to Botswana for the ultimate African safari holiday experience.

Are you a solo traveller seeking fulfilling personal experiences or  a couple on a safari to Botswana? How about a group of friends or a family affair, we tailor every safari to suit your needs and preferences.

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Botswana is one of the most beautiful African safari country offering a variety of wildlife experiences, from game drives to sightseeing, walking safaris, canoe ride, birding, horse back safaris and so much more.
When you visit Botswana you wont miss the African elephant with its highest population on the continent here. Among other wild animals to see on a safari include the African wild dogs, rhino, zebras, antelope, leopards, cheetahs, lions and so much more. Botswana has over 500 bird species. Among the top destinations to visit include Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta and Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Chobe National Park Botswana Safari

Chobe National Park, which was established in 1967, holds the distinction of being Botswana’s first national park. It is also the third-largest park in the country, spanning an impressive area of 11,700 square kilometres. Located in the northeastern region of Botswana, this area is widely recognised for its abundant biodiversity and unique ecosystems. As of 2021, the park is home to Africa’s largest elephant population, estimated to be around 50,000. It serves as a habitat for various species, such as lions, leopards, hyenas, giraffes, and numerous others. The park has a recorded count of approximately 460 bird species.

The park is divided into four distinct regions, each showcasing diverse wildlife and attractions: Savuti Marsh, Linyanti Marsh, Serondela (Chobe riverfront), and Nogatsaa and Tchinga. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Chobe National Park welcomed approximately 170,000 visitors each year. These visitors were drawn to the park by a range of activities, including game drives, river cruises, and bird watching. There is a wide range of accommodation options available in the park, catering to different budgets and preferences. These options include budget camping sites as well as luxurious lodges.

Okavango Delta Safari Botswana

Within Botswanas’ Kalahari Desert lies an exceptional ecosystem called the Okavango Delta—an internationally renowned treasure recognized by UNESCO in 2014 as a World Heritage site precisely because it covers an impressive expanse of about 15 . 000 square kilometers . The captivating essence of the Okavango Delta stems from its classification as an “endorheic” delta—a delta that does not flow into any sea or ocean—instead ingraining itself within the sands of the Kalahari Desert to foster a dynamic and diverse ecosystem that sustains a plethora of wildlife species . Celebrated for its astounding variety of species this destination welcomes large mammals, birds, and aquatic life alike . Every year.

Approximately 200 . 000 endangered African wild dogs, cheetahs, lions, leopards , and black and white rhinoceroses find sanctuary within these borders. Those captivated by avian wonders can revel in over 400 bird species inhabiting this remarkable ecosystem . However diverse

its wildlife population may be, what truly enamors visitors are the enchanting channels, lagoons , and islands that grace the Okavango Delta, each adorned with a vibrant tapestry of vegetation. This extraordinary landscape forms a lush paradise supporting innumerable plant species while providing habitats for countless animals . An annual natural wonder further elevates the Okavango Delta—the flood that occurs from June to August each year .

Not only does this flood sustain local wildlife but it also transforms the region into a breathtaking wetland that must be witnessed firsthand to fully comprehend its magnificence.

Moremi Game Reserve

Located in the heart of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Covering approximately 5,000 square kilometers, Moremi Game Reserve holds a unique position as it represents about 40% of the Delta and one ot the most visited African safari destinations.

Established in 1963 and named after Chief Moremi of the BaTawana tribe this African safari reserve carries significant importance. What makes Moremi Game Reserve stand out is, it was the first African safari reserve established by local residents who had genuine concerns about conserving natural and wildlife resources.

One remarkable aspect of Moremi Game Reserve is its diverse ecosystems, ranging from floodplains, lagoons, pools, pans, grasslands, and riparian forests to dense Mopane woodlands and arid sandvelds. This wide range of habitats supports an equally varied array of wildlife. Making it an exceptional area for animal viewing in Africa. The reserve is home to numerous species including elephants, buffalos, giraffes, lions , leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, as well as many antelopes and smaller species. It also boasts over 500 bird species making it a haven for bird enthusiasts.

Despite being smaller in size compared to other reserves. Moremi Game Reserve should not be underestimated. The abundance and richness of its wildlife coupled with its biodiversity make it one of Africa’s prime wildlife viewing areas.

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