8 Day Safari Adventure In Botswana

Day 1; Arrival, in Maun and Transfer to the Okavango Delta

Welcome to Maun the gateway to Botswanas destinations! As you arrive our friendly team will be there to greet you and help with your transfer to the Okavango Delta. Get ready for an experience as we enter this wilderness. Once we reach our camp nestled in the heart of the delta you’ll settle into your accommodations. Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings. Take a moment to unwind and embrace the soothing sounds of nature.

Day 2; Mokoro Excursion and Nature Walks in the Okavango Delta

Today we’ll begin on an adventure through the Okavango Delta using Mokoros, which’re dug out canoes. Glide along waterways under the guidance of polers while marveling at the awe inspiring landscapes and spotting a diverse array of wildlife, along the riverbanks. Afterward we’ll venture deeper into the deltas ecosystems through guided nature walks. Our knowledgeable guides will introduce you to plants and animals while engaging you in the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 3; Exploring Moremi Game Reserve

Prepare yourself for exciting game drives as we venture into Moremi Game Reserve renowned as Botswanas “predator capital.”This reserve provides opportunities to witness lions, leopards, cheetahs and a wide variety of fascinating wildlife species. We will explore the parks landscapes from flooded plains, to woodlands in search of wildlife encounters. Make sure to have your camera ready as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of Moremi.

Day 4; Game Drives in Savuti Marsh

Our safari adventure continues as we venture into the Savuti Marsh region within Chobe National Park. This area is well known for its wildlife population, including herds of elephants prides of lions and elusive leopards. Get ready for thrilling game drives through Savutis grasslands and woodlands where exciting wildlife encounters await. Capture breathtaking photographs. Create memories that will stay with you forever.

Day 5; Safari along the Chobe Riverfront

Today we will explore the Chobe Riverfront known for its wildlife and picturesque scenery. Enjoy game drives along the riverbanks while observing herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras and a variety of bird species. In the afternoon begin on a sunset cruise, along the Chobe River. Witness as animals gather near the waters edge while the sky transforms into a canvas painted with colors. It truly is an experience.

Day 6; Exploring Makgadikgadi Pans National Park

We’ll say goodbye to Chobe. Make our way to the expanse of Makgadikgadi Pans National Park. This unique desert terrain offers a contrast, to the delta and grassy plains we’ve already explored. Venturing out onto the salt pans you’ll witness the awe inspiring emptiness that stretches far as the eye can see. Keep an eye out for meerkats, fascinating desert adapted wildlife and the mesmerizing beauty of the pans.

Day 7; Discovering Nxai Pan National Park

Continuing our desert adventure we’ll visit Nxai Pan National Park for its majestic baobab trees and diverse wildlife. Game drives in Nxai Pan offer opportunities to spot elephants, antelopes, zebras and even predators like lions and cheetahs. Take a moment to be captivated by the baobabs silhouetted against the sky capturing the essence of this untamed wilderness. It’s a place of beauty and tranquility.

Day 8; Heading back, to Maun and Departure

As our incredible Botswana safari draws to a close we’ll return to Maun. Take your day to reflect on the wildlife encounters and natural wonders you’ve experienced throughout your tour.
Our team is here to help you as you leave Maun. We say goodbye hoping that you will keep memories and consider coming to experience Botswanas captivating landscapes again someday. Please keep in mind that we can customize this itinerary to match your preferences, such, as choosing destinations, accommodations and activities. Prepare yourself for a adventure, through the breathtaking and untamed landscapes of Botswana!