4 Day Safari Botswana

Day 1; Arriving in Maun and Transferring to the Okavango Delta

When you arrive in Maun, a tourist town, in Botswana our friendly staff will be there to greet you. We’ll start off with a briefing to get you acquainted with the safari experience that lies ahead. Depending on your schedule we’ll. Have a lunch at Sitatunga camp or provide you with a packed lunch during the transfer. Get ready to explore the Okavango Delta recently recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the afternoon we’ll reach our tented camp situated in the heart of the Okavango Delta. The mode of transportation, to the camp will depend on water levels. You might have the chance to travel by Mokoro—a dug out canoe—. We may drive straight to the campsite. Once we arrive at the camp our local staff members will warmly welcome you. Ensure your comfort throughout your stay. They’ll show you to your dome tent equipped with beds and a bush en suite bathroom featuring a long drop toilet and an invigorating bucket shower. Take some time to unwind in our mess tent while sipping on a beverage or enjoy a tranquil paddle in one of our canoes on the lagoon. At the camp you’ll have a range of activities to choose from including Mokoro trails and guided walking tours. We’ll be staying at this camp for the two nights. The tents are comfortable, with suite bathrooms, cozy beds and soft linen.

You won’t have to worry about meals as they are included; lunch and dinner.

On Day 2 we’ll be exploring the Okavango Delta.

Days at the camp follow a routine that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Okavango Delta. You’ll wake up to the sound of water being poured for your shower. Before sunrise we’ll begin on a foot exploration of the area in search of its wildlife. Once we’re done with our morning adventure we’ll gather with guests in the mess tent for a breakfast. Afterward get ready for an enchanting Mokoro excursion that will take you deeper into this environment. During your time you can relax with a book or enjoy bird watching from the comfort of the mess tent.

Around 1;00 PM is when lunch will be served—a chance for you to recharge and unwind. If you’re feeling adventurous try your hand at poling the Mokoro or seek guidance from our guides on finding spots, for swimming and refreshing dips. In the afternoon you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying an afternoon tea before moving on to the set of activities. As the day comes to a close we’ll return to camp in the afternoon, where you can relax with a sundowner drink while our talented staff prepares a mouthwatering dinner. You’ll know it’s time, for your shower when you hear the sound of water being drawn for a soothing end to the day.

During the evening our gracious hosts will entertain you with captivating stories around the campfire sharing their experiences and insights about their lives and Botswana. Get ready to reciprocate their hospitality by offering your song or story. As night falls, lean back. Let the enchanting sounds of the African bush serenade you.

Meals Included; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3; Further Exploration and Wildlife Encounters

On this day we’ll continue our adventure in Okavango Delta engaging ourselves in its mesmerizing wilderness and encountering a variety of wildlife. After enjoying a cup of coffee to energize ourselves we’ll take part in one activity before begining on a leisurely cruise through pristine channels as we make our way back, to our starting point. During our tour we will say goodbye to the friends and family we have met while exploring the delta. In the evening we will return to Maun, where you can take some time to relax and reflect on the experiences we’ve had in the few days.

Breakfast will be provided during this day.

Day 4; Departing from Maun

After a adventure, in the Okavango Delta it’s time to bid farewell to Botswana. Our team will assist you with any arrangements for your departure from Maun based on your travel plans.Please note that slight variations may occur in the itinerary due to factors like weather conditions, wildlife movements and guest preferences. Rest assured our experienced guides will ensure that your safari experience, in the Okavango Delta is truly unforgettable.