African Safari For Single Traveler, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda

How costly is safari transportation? Good safari transportation is important if you are to enjoy your trip to the fullest. A proper safari vehicle well serviced and fueled is what constitutes good safari transportation. a litre of fuel is about 1.40 USD. When traveling in a group fuel costs can be shared so u end up paying just a small fraction of what you will pay if you are traveling alone. So you are one person paying for the fuel, the driver and the vehicle which can all be quite a financial burden.

How can I cut down on these costs?

Here are some tips on how to cut costs and enjoy a solo safari to Uganda. Traveling with friends is always the best way to enjoy a safari in Africa but if you are traveling alone you can join an existing group on safari. Travel and tour operators can help get you in touch with a group that is already booked and it this will be a money saver for both the group and the solo traveler. Traveling by bus is also one way to cut costs and still have an amazing safari experience.

Depending on how interesting the bus driver, your road trips to the different game parks and tourist sites could be very exciting. Usually the bus will take you to the town closest to the park you intend to visit, and you can hire a vehicle to take you to wherever you are staying. Make friends or acquaintances with some nice friendly Ugandans and have them do the negotiations for you especially for the hired vehicle, they can also get you in touch with other people on safari in the area.

Another option is to book a scheduled safari tour. A few tour and travel companies offer scheduled safari tours  like this gorilla trek in Rwanda 3 days which include visits to most of the popular tourist sites in Uganda. As a solo tourist you can always book a slot on a scheduled tour. The price of these tours varies with the size of the group, although we recommend a group of not more than 6 people.

Get accommodation that is affordable and within your budget. Single rooms in Kampala and in other parts of the country can go for as low as $15 for bed and breakfast. Accommodation within the parks or close to the park could go for about $20 or $30 per night. Meals need to be budgeted for as well according to what and how much you can afford.

How about permits?

If you intend to go gorilla trekking be sure to book your permit well before the time you intend to go on this adventure. . Chimpanzee tracking permits should also be booked in time and all other bookings that need to be made should be done well ahead of time. A party of one can be turned into an adventurous party in the African wilderness. Enjoy your solo safari in Uganda. African safari for singles