African Safari Footwear

How important is the right footwear on safari? Shoes are a big part of fashion, both the practical and the frivolous. Every time you plan to go somewhere you want to be dressed right for the occasion, which means having the right shoes too. On a safari trip, shoes are not just another accessory to complement the outfit, they are a necessity. There is no way you can enjoy a safari in the African wild without shoes, the right shoes. The kind of shoes you need for your Uganda safari trip are determined by what you intend to do while on safari. There are shoes which might be okay for one activity but totally impractical for another one.

The right shoes can make or ruin your safari
The right shoes can make or ruin your safari

If your safari involves walking safaris, gorilla trekking or chimpanzee trekking, get a pair of light weight hiking boots-light weight hiking boots that comfortably support your ankles. Sturdy walking shoes work for some people on gorilla trekking trips, but if you are walking across uneven terrain you will be grateful for the ankle support that the light weight hiking boots offer.  Please leave your camouflage combat boots at home, you will not need them.
You also need light weight hiking boots for volcano climbing and Hiking for example hikes and climbs in the Rwenzori mountain foothills, and in Mgahinga gorilla national park.
All the shoes you pack for your safari should be well worn so you won’t be uncomfortable in unbroken stiff shoes. This is especially important for hiking boots. Buy them early so you can wear them and get used to them before your trip.
White shoes are not practical on African safari, unless you are parking a pair of nice shoes for that dinner you might have in a nice hotel in the city. White canvas shoes or sneakers especially are a no-no. They get dirty really quickly with the African dust, and you will spend most of your free time trying to clean them. So the best thing to do is just leave them at home as well.
Because a safari in Uganda, is a basically all about the African wild, you need sturdy comfortable appropriate shoe for whatever activity you take part in. Uncomfortable shoes can ruin a perfectly good and exciting adventure. Hiking boots protect your feet, ankles and give you a steady footing even on slippery ground.
While you shop for your safari try to find the right shoes for your safari, and try them on for comfort so you do not have surprises of ill fitting boots when you get to Uganda and begin on you various safari activities.