Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda Trips

Kidepo valley national park is found in Kaabong district in north eastern region of Uganda, in the north eastern corner. It is perhaps the most isolated park in Uganda, but for those on Uganda safari adventures who are brave, patient and determined enough to make it there; it is one of the most beautiful wilderness experiences. Kidepo valley was gazetted as a national park in 1952, and has an impressive population of wildlife.  It consists of the Kidepo valley and the Narus River valley floors.
Wildlife in Kidepo
Kidepo boasts of 77 different species of mammals and about 463 bird species. The list of animals that live inside this park is quite exciting and different from other pars in Uganda. Some the animals are; black and white and side-stripped jackal, spotted hyena, the greater and lesser kudu, Chandlers mountain reedbuck, leopards, lions,  Burchell’s Giraffe, Carcal, Klipspringer , cheetah, the

Lions resting in the savannah in Kidepo...
Lions resting in the savannah in Kidepo…

bat-eared fox and many more. About 28 of these mammal species are restricted to Kidepo valley national park in Uganda.  Some animals like the stripped hyena, Beisa Oryx and grant’s gazelles have not been spotted in a while and are believed to be to be extinct.
Kidepo valley is also quite rich with bird life, some of the birds species include; the Kori bustard, Abyssinian ground hornbill, secretary bird, ostrich, carmine, yellow-billed and Jackson’s hornbills. The park has a record of 56 species of birds of prey, 14 of which are endemic to Kidepo valley and the Karamoja region.
Game Viewing in Kidepo valley NP
This park is located in an area with semi-arid climate, so every time of the year is a good time to visit and view wildlife. Regardless of what time of the year you are making your Uganda safari trip, a trip to Kidepo is always good and worthwhile.
The very best time to visit however is the  during the dry season when the animals are much easier to see because they are concentrated around the various water sources.
Activities in Kidepo Valley National Park.
Kidepo valley is an expansive wilderness and there a number of activities visitors can enjoy in and around the park. visitors can go on game drives to view wildlife, or go bird watching as is often the case. Another activity is exploring the Morungule ranges; this can be done on foot with a guide. A visit to the hot springs on the south Sudan border just beyond the river crossing is another activity that visitors can enjoy.
Kidepo valley national is a totally different experience from the  other parks in Uganda. Be sure to add it to your itinerary for your 7 day safari in Uganda.