Kidepo Valley National Park; General Weather

Kidepo valley national park has semi arid climate characteristic of the north eastern part of Uganda where it is located. It has only one rainy season and the rains are really light.
Temperatures in the valleys range from 21.5°C to 34°C and annual rainfall amounts to about 890mm.
The rainy months are April May June July and August, while the hot months are pretty much the rest of the year, with some months December to February being hotter and dustier than the rest.

A cloudy sunset in Kidepo Valley
A cloudy sunset in Kidepo Valley

It might sometimes get cold but climate in Kidepo does not very much.
The best time for game viewing in the park is the dry season, you can get some good wildlife views in the rainy season, but it is best for birding.
The dry season;
September, October, November, December, January, February and march are the months of the dry season in Kidepo valley NP.  They are characterised by very oppressive heat, and no rainfall. Temoeartures are usually high. They are the best months to go game viewing in the park. September to November is usually peak season although the park never gets crowded.
The wet season.
April, May, June, July and august mark the wet season. The vegetation during this seaon is very lush and green because of the rains. Although known as the wet season, the rains are usually light which makes it conducive to still enjoy your African safari trip.
It is the best time to visit for the avid bird watcher.
Kidepo valley national park covers an area of 1442 sq. Km. and it has a landscape dominated by rugged savannah and the Morungule Mountains. There are also the Narus and Kidepo rivers valleys which all contribute to form the beauty that is KVNP. There is also the Kanangarok hot spring towards the southern Sudan border.
The vegetation is mostly open tree savannah as result of the variations in rainfall across the valleys. There more rain received  in the Narus valley compared to the Kidepo valley which in turns results in to variations in vegetation and animal population in the two valleys.
The park has a variety of wild life species and birds so there are a number of things to do that make it a prime Uganda safari destination. While Uganda is mostly known for gorilla trekking expedition in Bwindi, Kibale and Mgahinga National parks, Kidepo valley offers and entirely different experience right from its location, climate, vegetation and wildlife population.  It is a very unspoiled wilderness.