Visiting Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo valley national park is open to visitors and tourists pretty much all year round. The perfect time to visit however is September to March which is the dry season and catching sight of wildlife is much easier.

A kill in Kidepo......
A kill in Kidepo……

The worst time to go wildlife viewing  is April and May which is the height of the wet season. This time is not good for wild life viewing because the paths and tracks are quite muddy and slippery.Briefly:
The best time to visit:  September to March
The Peak season is: September to march
Low season is; April and May (some camps and lodges may even be closed)
Best weather conditions are in September, October and November
The worst weather conditions are in December to February ( The park is very hot and very dusty during this time)
The dry season:
The months of September to March mark the dry season in north eastern Uganda where the park is located.  It is hot and dry during these months and it is the best time to go wildlife viewing. December to February are however too dry and dusty to fully enjoy game drives.
Many of the water sources dry up, so it is easy to see animals congregated around available water sources or in search of water. Permanent water sources in the park during these hot months are found in the wetlands, and along the southern Narus valley. These are mostly small pools of remnant water.
It sometimes gets very hazy and challenging to get clear views.
It is a good time to visit also because there are hardly any threats of malaria because there are very few mosquitoes if any.
The Wet season
The wet season in this corner of Uganda, runs from April to August. The rain is light though and hardly interrupts game viewing.
Although the dry season offers the best wildlife and gaming experience, there are still wildlife viewing opportunities during this time and the heat is not as oppressive as in the dry season.
It is the best time to go bird watching in the park, because you can find a number of migratory birds, in addition to the resident species.
This season also comes with beautiful, lush scenery.
Recently ranked the third best national park in Africa, Kidepo valley national park is a true picture of African wilderness. Its rugged terrain and semi arid valleys give it a roughly hewn beauty that cannot be seen anywhere else. It is the perfect destination for a true African safari in Uganda.