Chinese tourist numbers increasing in Kenya

Lions in the Masai mara Lions in the Masai Mara[/caption] They are set to visit the Mount Kenya tourism circuit which includes Nyeri and the Masai Mara and Nairobi among other tourist sites. This is one of the biggest tourist groups to arrive in Kenya ever since the devastating terrorist attack last year. This tourist event has come at a time when Kenya Tourism was in dire need of some boost and encouragement. Ever since Kenya’s security concerns started, Tanzania has become the leading Africa safari destination in east Africa but Kenya might soon pick and get back to being a s popular with tourists as it was before. It is not just the game parks, major landmarks and historical features that have recorded low tourist numbers in Kenya, the coastal hotels have also suffered along with the rest of the tourism industry. However what Kenya is doing to recover its numbers and to ensure safety of tourists, and locals as well is very commendable MR. Ndegwa also said that the country is looking for ways to promote cultural tourism and agricultural tourism in addition the traditional sightseeing and wildlife safaris. With cultural and agricultural tourism tourist get to experience Kenya’s culture and traditions and way of life, and explore its agricultural practices. China, according to Ndegwa, is the second largest source of tourists for Kenya in Asia with over 40,000 tourists visiting Kenya last year alone. The Kenya tourism board is hoping this number will grow and perhaps surpass 100,000 by 2016. Kenya Tourism Board is also expecting the Chinese tourist in Kenya to exceed those from the US, UK, Italy and Germany which happen to be the traditional tourism markets for most African countries. India is also a major tourism market for Kenya. It is safe to say that Kenya tourism is picking up. This could be the first of many groups to go on tourism safari in Kenya in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.  ]]>