What You Didnt Know About Uganda

We covered the myths and misconceptions about Idi Amin, Malaria, AIDS and War. Let ‘s continue with our list of  misconceptions about Uganda……

A mouthwatering plate of Ugandan local food..

A mouthwatering plate of Ugandan local food..

Will the food make you sick?

“The food in Uganda is terrible and will make you sick” is another misconception we are correcting here.

The food in Uganda is more than just nice, it is good, really good. The fruits are excellent and delicious, delicious ripe pineapples, juicy mangoes, jackfruit, and so many other delicious fruits, whose taste is incomparable.

There are also restaurants to cater for different tastes. There are Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, Italian restaurants Turkish restaurants, Lebanese restaurants and so many more. You can never run out of options when it comes to food in Uganda. You can also try the local cuisine and traditional dishes too.

It is possible to get sick anywhere in the world. Unwashed fruits, poor hygiene in food preparation can all make you sick regardless of where you are.

Travel to Uganda for safari and enjoy you stay, eat the food, experiment with new dishes, it is all part of the Africa safari experience.

Will you get typhoid if you drink the water in Uganda?

First thing un-boiled water is always unsafe not just in Uganda. If you are not comfortable just boiling water then buy bottled water. It’s healthy, tastes, good, and quite cheap. There are several brands, Rwenzori mineral water, Aqua sipi, to mention but a few.

Water in Uganda will not give typhoid unless you’re going around drinking un-boiled water. There is also packaged juice which is processed and safe. Splash a product of Britannia, and a few other local brands. Sodas are available to, yes; you can get a coke or try Tangawizi.  There is beer too, good beer. There is Moonberg Lager, club, bell and so many more plus other alcoholic drinks such as vodka, wine etc.

The drink situation in Uganda is very fine, it’s nothing to worry about, and should not ruin your Uganda safari.

It is difficult to move around and see things.

Is transportation in Uganda difficult?

When you book a safari in Uganda, your tour operator usually makes your transport arrangements. Tour operators can get you a good driver who knows how to get to all the parks and other sites you want to visit.

It is not advisable to hire a taxi driver or a vehicle on your own, chances are that they will not have much knowledge of the parks you might want to visit or the various activities you might want to do.

Going into the African Wild of Uganda means roughing it… or does it?

The idea is to enjoy the wilderness of Africa, but that does not mean you will sleep in trees or not have water and need to go hunting for food.

There are perfectly normal places for accommodation. There are actually some really fabulous lodges and permanent tented camps, and some really nice hotels. You have a variety to choose from when selecting accommodation in Uganda depending on your tastes and budget.

Uganda is a very rich and unique place to visit, rich with culture and history. Book your trip today and enjoy a safari in Uganda.