Will Tourism In Zanzibar be affected by politics

th anniversary of their union when the name Tanzania was coined. Although the celebrations went on as planned the looming cloud of a political crisis couldn’t be avoided. If these debates turn sour, it will damage the island and East Africa as a whole. Zanzibar is an inherent part of tourism in Tanzania and East Africa. [caption id="attachment_8017" align="alignright" width="242"]Hopefully, the splendor of the Island  will not be marred by politics.. Hopefully, the splendor of the Island will not be marred by politics..[/caption] While the island is very beneficial to Tanzania’s tourism industry, it remains quite poor and it is hard to see the fruits of its very lucrative tourism industry. When compared to other tourist towns in Tanzania such as Arusha and Moshi, Zanzibar is lagging behind when it comes to economic development. It is also much poorer than tourist and holiday destinations similar to it such as Seychelles, The Maldives and Mauritius and the reason for this is not quite clear. The ruling party seems to be frustrating many Tanzania and Zanzibar residents who want the union or the separation of the island from the mainland to be fair to all. One of the issues is up most is the fair resource sharing and integration. The political situation could easily de-stabilise Zanzibar and in turn affect its tourism as well as tourism in Tanzania. Right now although many residents of both Tanzania and Zanzibar are disgruntled by the progress of the debates and deliberation, Tanzania safaris with Zanzibar destinations are still very popular and continue to bring in revenue for both governments. Zanzibar is famous for its white sands and pristine beaches, and resorts which offer various adventures such as deep water diving, watching dolphins, exploring the rich cultures and historical site. The island is quite the tourist hub which has attracted a number of famous people such as Bill Gates. The island has in the past and in quite recently experienced a number of draw backs for its tourism industry. There were reported terrorist attacks when a bomb went off a couple of months ago, there have also been reports of child abuse in the form of child labour and sexual abuse on the island. Some is this abuse is reported to be done by tourists, tourist companies and foreign investors. The political crisis if it gets out of hand, when added to these other issues could terribly damage tourism in Zanzibar. Tourism contributes over 27% to the Island’s revenue so it is important that it is preserved and promoted well.]]>