More Chinese Tourists expected in Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro one of the attractions Chinese tourists are eager to see.. Mt. Kilimanjaro one of the attractions Chinese tourists are eager to see..[/caption] Shanhua, said Chinese tourists are looking for new destinations and experiences.This is the right time for alternative destinations for Chinese tourists since many have exhausted the neighbouring tourist destinations According to the minister last year 16,100 China’s tourists visited Tanzania which was an increase of 39.09 per cent over last year. The number of Chinese tourists to Tanzania this year is expected to rise by over 40%. However, the Deputy Director- General said there were challenges to be addressed which would help boost the number of Chinese tourists to Tanzania, the major one being lack of a direct flight between Dar es Salaam and Beijing. While the number of tourists is increasing the shortage of flights to Africa safari destinations such as tanznaina makes travel difficult and cuts the number down. The deputy director general also encouraged Tanzania to do more marketing and promotion of Tanzania in china. To the Chinese tourists East Africa and especially is a new tourist destination that many are keen to visit. Tanzania’s Ambassador to China, Lt Gen (rtd) Abdulrahaman Shimbo acknowledged that the lack of direct air-link was hindering efforts to attract more Chinese tourists to Uganda. However, he said, efforts were underway to encourage Chinese Airline to open direct routes to Tanzania. This will in turn open and shorten the route to Dar es Salaam. According to Mr Xiong, Tanzania has been invited to attend the Shanghai’s China International Travel Mart in November which will give Tanzania to market Tanzania’s tourist attractions to tour companies in china and the people as well. Tanzania has a wealth of tourist attractions right from the coast across to its western border. The country is blesses with several wild life areas, game parks and game reserves, wetlands, lakes, mountains, and a variety of wildlife. Tanzania game viewing experience is widely regarded as the best in Africa. Three of the seven wonders of Africa are found in Tanzania; Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro. This is one of the reasons why safaris in Tanzania are quite popular.  ]]>