Uganda to host tourism World Congress

th World Congress in Uganda come November 2014. This is not the first time Uganda will be hosting an ATA event, and the country and all its stakeholders are looking forward extending our renown hospitality to the hundreds of delegates who are expected to come from all over the world t o attend this conference. ATA has already sent an advance team in preparation for November. The advance team is visiting various tourism site sin Uganda, and other tourism facilities such as hotels with the intent of mapping them to provide guidance for the media team which will be arriving a few weeks [caption id="attachment_8084" align="alignright" width="242"]The picturesque poolside in Munyonyo, where the conference will be held The picturesque poolside in Munyonyo, where the conference will be held[/caption] ahead of the conference to be able to cover the entire event and also to publicize some of these tourist destination to the world and to their online followers and fans. This will direct tourist traffic to Uganda. The ATA World Congress is expected to attract over 500 guests who will be coming to not only to attend the meetings but to experience what Uganda has to offer as a tourism destination. So the will be quite profitable for Uganda safari and tour operators. And the tourism industry as a whole. It is a chance for Uganda to show Africa and the rest of the world that gorilla trekking is not the only tourist attraction the pearl has to offer. There is so much more, such white water rafting, game drive to see other wild animals, bird, watching, cultural tourism, etc. The Africa Travel Association describes this event as its signature in Africa. Not only is it the most diverse assembly of tourism stakeholders in the world, it also provides a platform for addressing issues affecting the industry, learning, networking and formation of agendas and provides opportunities for education, and development. The meetings will be held at Speke resort Munyonyo. The Uganda chapter of the ATA has the First Lady as its patron, and is quite ready to host the rest of the team. The event has the full support of the government of Uganda. The ministry of tourism in Uganda already pledged that ATA has its full support. The Uganda Tourism Board is looking forward to the event and hoping that not only will it be high demand season for tourism in Uganda, but the country will gat publicity in various continents and countries all across the world. This is a golden opportunity for tourism stakeholders in Uganda to showcase the best they have.]]>