China the best target Market for Tanzania tourism

Singita Grumenti reserv: Tanzania is looking for more investments like this.. Singita Grumenti reserv: Tanzania is looking for more investments like this..[/caption] Tanzania‘s annual budget. According to Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe, China is a new market in a number of key economic areas such as tourist investment and tourism and would Tanzania’s diversified tourist sites could benefit from such a market. Although Ezekiel Wanje, shadow minister from the CHADEMA party was critical of the Tanzania’s failure to come up with a clear policy on economic diplomacy, and had therefore failed to attract competitive Chinese investments, there is no contention about the fact that China is a valid target market especially for tourism in Tanzania. China has economic relations with various countries throughout Africa, and has invested in number of ventures including tourism and travel. Kenya has managed to attract very competitive and lucrative Chinese investments, something which Tanzania hopes to achieve. The number of Chinese tourists visiting Tanzania has already been on the rise having gone up from 5000 in 2012, to 13,000 in 2013. Tanzania has also done some very intensive marketing in Beijing to encourage Chinese investors and tourists to come to Tanzania. Tanzania however is faced with a couple of problems in trying to expand its Chinese markets. there are no direct flights between china and Tanzania which makes travelling to Tanzania difficult for Chinese tourists and investors. also, china needs to improve its tourist infrastructure and services such as hotels, visitor handling services to the standards that popular African destinations such as south Africa, Egypt and Kenya uphold said. Tanzania seems to have made an impression on Chinese millionaire Zhou Yi, owner of the Hengxu Group of Companies. Mr. Zhou is looking to build a luxurious hotel in the Serengeti, which is the kind of investment Tanzania is looking for. Zhou first made his interest known when speaking to the delegation of tanznian tourism officials that visited Beijing last year. Tanzania is good ground for investment in tourism , since demand for safaris in tanznai is on the rise, such investments would be profitable for both the investors and Tanzania’s tourism industry.]]>