10 Days Uganda Photo Safari

Day 1; Arrival, at Entebbe International Airport

Upon your arrival our friendly and experienced tour guide will be there to greet you and accompany you to your hotel in Kampala. Take some time to relax and unwind preparing yourself for the tour that lies ahead.

Day 2; Murchison Falls National Park

After enjoying a breakfast begin on a trip to Murchison Falls National Park renowned for its breathtaking waterfall. Along the way we’ll make a stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where you can capture some photographs of these creatures. Once we reach the park we’ll take a hike up to the top of the falls for a sunset photography session.

Day 3; Murchison Falls National Park

Begin your day with a game drive through the park giving you opportunities to photograph magnificent elephants, regal lions, graceful giraffes and a myriad of fascinating bird species. After a lunch break indulge in a tranquil boat cruise that will take you up close to hippos, crocodiles and an array of captivating birdlife at the base of Murchison Falls.

Day 4; Kibale Forest National Park

After a breakfast experience continue your adventure as we head towards Kibale Forest National Park – a true haven for primates. During this leg of our tour relish, in capturing the landscapes and natural beauty that Ugandas countryside has to offer.

Day 5; Chimpanzees, in Kibale Forest National Park

Start your day with a breakfast and begin on a chimpanzee trekking adventure that promises amazing photo opportunities. Kibale Forest is not home to a population of chimpanzees but also boasts twelve other primate species. Keep your eyes peeled for birdlife and captivating forest landscapes.

Day 6; Queen Elizabeth National Park

Today make your way to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Get ready for an afternoon game drive where you can spot a range of wildlife including elephants, lions, buffaloes and leopards. The parks various habitats, from savannah to wetland areas provide an abundance of bird species that’re subjects for photography.

Day 7; Boat Cruise and Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Prepare for a thrilling morning game drive across the Kasenyi plains followed by an afternoon boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel. These activities offer opportunities to capture photographs of the parks mesmerizing wildlife and avian beauties.

Day 8; Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

After enjoying a breakfast begin on a tour towards Bwindi Impenetrable National Park—an extraordinary sanctuary for endangered mountain gorillas. Along the way be prepared to capture views of the Mountains of the Moon” while engaging yourself in photographing traditional rural Ugandan life.

Day 9; Gorilla Safari Adventure, in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Today is, about gorilla trekking, which’s a truly unique and special experience in the dense forest environment. It provides a connection with wildlife like no other. Don’t forget to show respect for the gorillas personal space and strictly follow the instructions from our guides to ensure both your safety and the gorillas.

Day 10; Departure

After enjoying a breakfast in Bwindi it will be time to head back to Entebbe. Throughout the tour there will be plenty of opportunities for you to capture photos as we make stops along the way. At Entebbe International Airport your guide will bid you farewell as you board your departure flight marking the end of this safari adventure, in Uganda.