3 Day Wildlife Photo Safari Tanzania

Choose one of the most iconic National Parks in Tanzania for your photo safari. You can choose Ngorongoro crater, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and more on a 3 day adventure safari. Accompanied by a guide you’ll discover locations to capture breathtaking shots of iconic species while receiving practical tips to enhance your photography skills. From awe inspiring sunrises to enchanting sunsets prepare to witness moments in the heart of the wilderness. Your tour culminates with an exciting morning game drive before bidding farewell taking with you a collection of wildlife photographs and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Day 1; Arrival and Transfer to the National Park

Upon your arrival at either the airport or our designated meeting point our friendly guide will warmly welcome you. Escort you to your chosen national park for this thrilling wildlife photo safari. The specific location will be determined based on your preferences and recent wildlife sightings.

Day 2; Full Day Immersed in Wildlife Photography

Rise in the morning to seize the hour when soft light bathes the surroundings providing an ideal opportunity for capturing captivating images of wildlife. Spend a day begining on game drives as we seek out both iconic and elusive animals, for extraordinary photographic opportunities.
Your knowledgeable guide will accompany you to spots, within the park where you can capture photographs of various species, such as majestic big cats, magnificent elephants, graceful giraffes, beautiful zebras and elegant antelopes. The key to success lies in your patience and timing as you await the moment to immortalize those shots.

During breaks take advantage of the opportunity to discuss photography techniques and receive guidance from your guide. This will help you enhance your skills and capture the images. Indulge in packed lunches amidst the wilderness making the most of your time to photograph wildlife in their habitat.

As the day comes to a close witness the enchantment of a sunset. Seize this magical moment through your lens. Embrace the lighting conditions to experiment with capturing striking silhouettes or crafting compositions.

Day 3; Morning Game Drive and Departure

Commence another early morning game drive to maximize your chance for wildlife photography. The early hours offer an opportunity to photograph predators on prowl or animals congregating at watering holes. While navigating through the park remain vigilant for any last minute sightings. Make sure not to miss capturing species that may have eluded you thus far.

After concluding the game drive return to camp. Lodge, for a breakfast.
Take a moment to gather your belongings and reminisce about the wildlife encounters and photographs you’ve captured during your safari. Say goodbye to the park and its inhabitants as you make your way back, to the airport or continue on to your destination marking the end of your 3 day wildlife photo safari.