8 Days Big Five & Wildebeest Migration Photo Safari Tanzania

Join a 8 day photography tour, in Tanzania, where you’ll have the opportunity to capture stunning images of the majestic Big Five and experience the awe inspiring Wildebeest Migration. The adventure begins in Arusha. Takes you through Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks, where you’ll be able to photograph a variety of fascinating wildlife. tour into Ngorongoro Crater for a chance to capture rhinos on camera and then prepare to be amazed as you witness the breathtaking wildebeest migration in the Serengeti. On your day enjoy a game drive before returning to Arusha for your departure. This tour promises moments and incredible photographic opportunities, amidst Tanzanias wildlife and picturesque landscapes.

Day 1; Arriving in Arusha, Tanzania

When you land at Kilimanjaro International Airport, in Arusha, Tanzania our friendly guide will be there to give you a welcome and take you to your accommodation. Take some time to relax and get ready for the photo safari that lies ahead.

Day 2; Exploring Tarangire National Park. Capturing the Big Five

After enjoying a breakfast we’ll head to Tarangire National Park renowned for its elephant herds and diverse wildlife. begin on a thrilling game drive as you capture photographs of the baobab trees and encounter an array of fascinating animals such as elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos and various antelope species. Immerse yourself in the presence of the Big Five as we explore this park.

Day 3; Discovering Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Our next destination is Lake Manyara National Park for its tree climbing lions and stunning birdlife. Capture images of these lions resting on branches or roaming across the grasslands while also photographing the bird species that call this park home. Including those elegant pink flamingos! In the afternoon we’ll continue our tour, to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where awe inspiring landscapes await us along with opportunities to photograph the wildlife.

Day 4; Ngorongoro Crater Safari

Experience an exciting full day adventure exploring the Ngorongoro Crater, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Immerse yourself in capturing photographs of the diversity of wildlife within the crater including the majestic and endangered black rhinos. Get up close and personal, with these creatures well as other iconic species like lions, elephants, leopards and buffalos. The unique environment of the crater provides opportunities for capturing extraordinary wildlife moments through your lens.

Day 5; Serengeti National Park

begin on a captivating tour to Serengeti National Park renowned for its savannahs and witnessing one of natures extraordinary spectacles. The wildebeest migration. Be spellbound as you observe the crossing of wildebeests and zebras across plains in search of lush grazing lands while being pursued by formidable predators such as lions, cheetahs and hyenas. This awe inspiring event offers opportunities to capture mesmerizing moments that showcase both the intensity and harmony between predator and prey against the backdrop of Serengetis natural landscapes.

Day 6; Set out on an expedition through the heartland of Serengeti National Park.

Central Serengeti. Here you will have opportunities to photograph Africas Big Five. Lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards and buffalos. Accompanied by your guide who knows all their spots hidden within this magnificent landscape. Prepare yourself for thrilling encounters, with these creatures as you capture their essence through your lens.

Make the most of the hour to capture the light that bathes the savannah and brings out the best, in your wildlife photography.

Day 7; Exploring Serengeti and Witnessing River Crossings

Venture into the region of Serengeti National Park, where you’ll encounter the Mara River and its thrilling river crossings. Immortalize those heart stopping moments as wildebeests and zebras bravely navigate crocodiles and other predators to cross the river. Capture the intensity organized chaos and triumphant spirit of this awe inspiring spectacle. Additionally in Northern Serengeti you’ll find a range of wildlife that presents even more opportunities for extraordinary wildlife photography.

Day 8; Final Game Drive in Serengeti National Park

On your day savor a game drive through Serengeti National Park making every moment count as you photograph its extraordinary wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Seize this chance to capture any missed shots while relishing in the timeless beauty of Serengeti. After concluding your game drive your guide will accompany you back to Arusha where you’ll be dropped off at Kilimanjaro International Airport for your departure flight. This marks the end of a 8 day tour through Big Five territory with a focus, on Wildebeest Migration photography safari.