Uganda, Primate Watching in Africa

With some historians believing that mankind evolution began in East Africa, it is not shocking that Uganda, a tourist destination in east Africa is well-known for being a home to various primate specie.

A little detail, Primates do share with man, flexible arms plus legs, relatively big brains as well as skilled fingers (and at times toes). The various species of lemurs, apes plus monkeys are some of the primates. Chimpanzees for instance are known for being the closest existing relative to man. Uganda is home to nearly half of the world surviving Mountain gorillas and these can be viewed in Uganda.

Other than the other East African nations, Uganda  has developed into a properly recognized tourist destination due to its moist climate as well as the large thick forests in which these primates live. More than 300 mammals, of which 2 are primates, including diurnal plus nocturnals have all been recorded and in fact can be seen during your safari in Uganda.

The forests in Uganda which are inhabited by the primates are under threat of being destroyed, although numerous species surviving in tropical forests is a lot higher than their habitat. A safari to Uganda will offer you a chance to see the amazing apes such as  chimpanzees and  mountain gorillas plus other types of monkeys.

The most uncommon primate is the mountain gorilla found in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as well as Mgahinga National Park in Uganda’s southwestern area. very many visitors go to Uganda particularly to see the  Gorillas (which are the largest primates) and enjoy the Gorilla experience.

The Chimpanzees, slightly smaller in size share 98% of humans DNA and are found to be incredibly intelligent with the ability to understand and peak sign language. They inhabit most forest in western Uganda. You will have a chance to associate with them if you take a Uganda tour to Kibale National Park, Kuniyo Pabidi forest site near Murchison Falls National Park, as well as Ngamba Island chimpanzee Sanctuary on Lake Victoria.

There are five monkey species in Uganda among which are the mangabeys, colobus, patas guenons as well as baboons. Across the country there are Guenon species plus those living in the forest. The Patas monkeys are known for their reddish brown coat, not like the guenons grey-coat and these are solely found Kidepo plus Murchison falls wildlife Parks.

Baboons can easily be identified due to their huge size and outstanding canine teeth, and more to that they are easily adaptable and widely spread primates on the African continent. The black & white colobus monkeys are the most commonly seen in the forest section and in the woodlands near the river.

Some of Uganda’s primates such as the bushbaby Plus the potto are hardly seen by tourists since they sleep throughout the day and active in the night. In Uganda’s Kibale NP you can enjoy guided night tours to see the nocturnal animals.

Having all these numerous primates, the national parks plus forest reserves together in Uganda have been established in Uganda to enhance opportunities of continued survival of these animals alongside travel and tour operators to enable  tourists to enjoy this experience with the amazing primates and other wildlife.

As you can certainly see from the info above, Uganda is a nation endowed with various Primates which significantly differ. The International Primatogogical Society as well as UWA- Uganda Wildlife Authority have put so much effort in preserving the primates in the various game parks and forest reserves to ensure that these primates continue to survive.