Tanzania’s Oldoinyo L’engai to achieve geo-park status

The Oldoinyo L'engai volcano The Oldoinyo L’engai volcano[/caption] Geo-parks serve as world alarm clocks. Oldoinyo L’engai for example as  an alarm clock, will help the surrounding communities get pro-active and prepare disaster preparation and mitigation strategies and inspire them to keep track of the climatic changes happening in their vicinity due the volcanic activity of the peak. It will also help them perhaps come up with the best approach to utilize the renewable energy available to them. Although the main aim for marking off these sites is to create awareness, it is an advantage for the Tanzania tourism industry because it draws attention to a feature that is a tourist attraction in the country. People on Tanzania safaris are always looking for outstanding landmarks and sites to see, Oldoinyo L’engai is definitely one of those. Mount L’engai’s geo-park status, if achieved, will promote tourism in Tanzania in a more geographically sustainable way. This will not only add to the geographical importance of the mountain, but will boost tourist activity on the Tanzania Northern circuit. This is another boost to Tanzania tourism in recent months.]]>