Billionaire Howard Buffet against Poaching On Tanzania Safaris

Howard Buffet dances in Tanzania Howard Buffet dances in Tanzania[/caption] Howard buffet recently visited Tanzania and made a tour of a few tourism sites including the Serengeti National Park and Selous Game Reserve two of the most popular destination for safaris in Tanzania. Mr. Buffet pledged to provide an R44 helicopter to help in the fight against poaching in Tanzania. The helicopter which is expected to arrive in Tanzania in about six month’s time will be used for surveillance in Selous Game reserve. In the mean time, Mr. Buffet promised to lease a helicopter, through the Howard G. Buffet Foundation (HGBF), to start the surveillance in the game reserves as Tanzania waits for the R44 chopper to arrive.Tanzania minister for natural resources and tourism said that a helicopter of the same make will be purchased by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority to cover surveillance in the Manyara, Tarangire, Loliondo and the Ngorongoro corridor. According to Mr. Nyalandu, Mr. Buffet’s foundation HGBF will sponsor training for two pilots in the United States or South Africa which should start on June 1st 2014.  TANAPA is set to acquire to Bell helicopters to facilitate the pilots’ training. Tourism in Tanzania has been affected by poaching especially in national parks, but the country’s anti poaching campaign has received a lot of attention and a lot of support which has helped boost tourism in Tanzania again. Most Tanzania safaris are focused on national parks and game reserves so conserving wildlife is in the country’s best interest. The helicopter surveillance is another step in the right direction. The HGBF will cover all the costs concerning the leasing of the helicopter, including the pilots’ salaries and fuel. All the ministry of natural resources and tourism will have to cater for is meals and accommodation for the pilots during surveillance and patrols. In addition to helicopters and pilot training, HGBF continuing its thread of generosity, collaborated with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and hired two consultants to provide insights and advice to Selous Game reserve Pasiansi Wildlife Training College for   a period of six months. The foundation will also be supporting the training of game   rangers, and contributing to the renovations and development of infrastructure at the college. Mr. Buffet’s effort to support Tanzania’s anti poaching campaign and promote capacity building will amount to a total of approximately 8.6 billion shillings.]]>