16 Days Birding Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, in Entebbe

When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport our representative will warmly greet you. Transfer you to your accommodation in Entebbe. Take some time to relax and recover from your tour.

Day 2; Exploring Mabira Forest Reserve

begin on a birding adventure by visiting the enchanting Mabira Forest Reserve. This vibrant rainforest is a haven for a range of bird species, including the African Pied Hornbill, Great Blue Turaco and the elusive Nahans Francolin. Spend the day engaging yourself in nature exploring the forest trails while enjoying the captivating melodies of the birds.

Days 3 – 4; Discovering Budongo Forest Reserve

Venture into Budongo Forest Reserve, a birding paradise that spans across areas of Uganda. Over two days explore trails and sections of this remarkable forest as you search for unique species like Puvels Illadopsis, Chocolate backed Kingfisher and the iconic African Grey Parrot. Keep an eye out for its primate population too including chimpanzees.

Days 5 – 7; Wildlife Encounters in Murchison Falls National Park

tour to Murchison Falls National Park where exceptional birdwatching opportunities await alongside breathtaking wildlife encounters. Hop on boat cruises along the Nile River to witness waterbirds such, as Shoebill Storks, African Fish Eagles and various kingfisher species gracefully adorning their natural habitat.begin, on an expedition through the savannah grasslands and enchanting riverine forests, where you can marvel at the incredible diversity of bird species like the majestic Abyssinian Ground Hornbill magnificent Goliath Heron and even catch a glimpse of the elusive White rumped Seedeater.

Day 8 -9; Kibale Forest National Park Birding

During days 8 and 9 venture into the captivating Kibale Forest National Park—a haven for both bird enthusiasts. Primate admirers. Immerse yourself in guided walks through the forest eagerly searching for creatures such as the vibrant Green breasted Pitta, fascinating African Pitta and mysterious African Wood Owl. Keep your senses heightened to spot the melodious turacos that gracefully inhabit this area.

Day 10 – 12; Queen Elizabeth National Park Birdwatching

As your tour continues to days 10 to 12 marvel at the wonders of Queen Elizabeth National Park—a destination that offers diverse landscapes and breathtaking beauty. Delve into its habitats including the mesmerizing Kazinga Channel captivating Ishasha sector and scenic Mweya Peninsula. Keep your eyes peeled for soaring raptors, graceful waterbirds, forest dwelling species well as unique Albertine Rift endemics like the elegant African Skimmer striking Pink backed Pelican and enigmatic Rwenzori Nightjar.

Concluding your birding adventure on days 13 to 15 is none than Bwindi Impenetrable Forest—an awe inspiring sanctuary that serves as a refuge for endangered mountain gorillas. Over three days of exploration along its trails be on constant lookout for remarkable avian species like the enchanting African Green Broadbill with its vibrant plumage or perhaps catch a glimpse of rare gems, like Shelleys Crimsonwing or even hear the melodic call of an African Emerald Cuckoo echoing through this lush wilderness.
Bwindi Forest is not recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also showcases stunning scenery.

Day 16; End Of  Birding in Uganda

Once you finish your breakfast it will be time to bid farewell to Uganda. You’ll then make your way back, to Entebbe International Airport for your departure. Kindly note that this suggested serves as an example and can be tailored according to your preferences, budget and the availability of accommodation and permits. Uganda is a haven, for bird enthusiasts offering an array of habitats and bird species that guarantee a birding adventure.