Nigerian investors encouraged to visit and invest in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro; one of the popular tourist attractions in Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro; one of the popular tourist attractions in Tanzania[/caption] across the continent. The business and trade relationship between Nigeria and Tanzania has been getting better every year, so a leap towards tourism between the two countries shouldn’t be challenging. Teddy Mapunda one of the Tanzania Tourism Board Directors made a presentation about tourism in Tanzania and the tourist attractions that make Tanzania such a popular tourist destination. Attractions such as the Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro crater Mount Kilimanjaro. These and more are very popular Tanzania safari destinations that hopefully Nigerians will also take the opportunity to visit and enjoy. In recent months Tanzania has been doing intensive marketing campaigns for its tourism industry in various countries and some of these campaigns have paid off. For example the campaigns in Israel resulted into 170 Israeli tourist visiting the country a little over a week ago. Tanzania boasts of at least two of the seven wonders of Africa and is reported to be the first African country to promote all seven wonders of Africa. There is a lot that Nigerians can enjoy on Tanzania safaris, including, mountain climbing, chimpanzee trekking, game drives, bird watching, and the beautiful beaches along the coast and the island of Zanzibar.  ]]>