Murchison Falls National park; when to visit

In brief: The best time to visit: December to February . Peak season; June To September. Low season: March to may, October and November. Best weather conditions: June and July. Worst Weather conditions: April and May, August and October. The Dry season Murchison Falls NP is a good safari destination all year round. The best time to visit the park, however, is the dry season from December to February and June To September. Predator in action… During the dry season, the animals are easier to see because they are drawn out of the dense bushes and closer to the water sources. Trails for tracking chimpanzees are clear, and the weather in general is good for game drives and sightseeing.There are hardly any mosquitoes so the chances of getting malaria on a safari to Uganda during this season are very low.There is usually a lot of sunshine and very little rain in this season. December, January and February are the hottest months. June and July are usually also quite dry. The wet season The vegetation in the park is lush and green and beautiful during this season. The rains usually fall from March to May, and September to November. This is best time to go bird watching in Murchison Falls National Park. There are fewer people and there is a lot of bird activity. There are various migratory birds in the park at this time, many of the residence birds are in breeding plumage, and it is generally birding season. March April and may mark the low season. There are few visitors during this time and some lodges are even closed. Rates are sometimes much lower during this season. Although you can still view wildlife in the rainy season, it can be a little challenging since the roads are usually muddy and slippery. Murchison Falls National Park covers an area of about 3840 sq. Km. and is the biggest national park in Uganda. It has much to offer to someone looking for a true Uganda safari experience. It is surrounded by amazing features all tourist attractions on their own such as the Karuma Falls, The Victoria Nile, Rabongo forest, and the powerful Murchison Falls is like are centre piece in the park. You can enjoy exciting game drives, chimpanzee trekking, boating, guided walks, bird watching, camping, and picnics in the African wilderness.]]>