7 Day Budget Wildlife Safari Uganda

Day 1; Arriving in Entebbe

When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport our representative will warmly greet you. Take you to your accommodation, in Entebbe. Take some time to rest and recover from your tour. If you have time you can explore the Entebbe Botanical Gardens or visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, which provides a safe haven for rescued wildlife. Enjoy a dinner. Spend the night in Entebbe.

Day 2; Heading to Murchison Falls National Park

After enjoying breakfast begin on a drive towards Murchison Falls National Park. The tour usually takes around 5 6 hours. Offers landscapes along the way. Once you arrive settle into your budget accommodation near the park. In the afternoon indulge in a boat cruise along the Nile River that takes you to the base of Murchison Falls. Marvel at the awe inspiring views of the falls. Encounter captivating wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles and an array of bird species. Return to your lodge for a satisfying dinner. Spend another night there.

Day 3; Safari Game Drive and Boat Adventure in Murchison Falls National Park

Kickstart your day with a morning safari game drive, within the parks boundaries where incredible sightings await – elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, lions and various antelope species may grace your presence. The park is famous, for its range of wildlife and with the assistance of your guide you can increase your chances of spotting the Big Five animals. In the afternoon begin on a boat along the Nile River. Cruise through the river admire the landscapes. Discover more wildlife along the riverbanks. The boat safari provides opportunities for birdwatching since Murchison Falls National Park is home to bird species. Return to your lodging for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 4; Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park

After having breakfast depart for Kibale Forest National Park. The tour takes around 5 6 hours. Offers views of the countryside. Upon arrival check in at your budget accommodation near the park. Take some time to unwind and prepare for an experience of chimpanzee trekking on the day. Enjoy dinner. Spend the night at your lodge.

Day 5; Chimpanzee Trekking and Bigodi Swamp Walk in Kibale Forest

Wake up early in the morning. Head to the park headquarters for a briefing before begining on your adventure of chimpanzee trekking. Trek through the forest in search of these primates. Once you find them spend a hour observing their behavior and interactions. Gain insights about their habitat and ongoing conservation efforts, from your guide.
On the afternoon of Day 5 enjoy a guided walk through the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary. This sanctuary is a haven, for birdwatchers, where you can spot bird species and also come across primates like red colobus monkeys and vervet monkeys. The swamp walk offers an opportunity to appreciate the biodiversity of the park. Later return to your lodge for a dinner. Spend the night.

Day 6; Explore Queen Elizabeth National Park with a thrilling game drive

After a breakfast set off for Queen Elizabeth National Park, which will take around 3 4 hours. Along the way you’ll be treated to views. Once you arrive at the park settle into your budget accommodation nearby. In the afternoon begin on a game drive in the Kasenyi Plains renowned for its wildlife population. Keep your eyes peeled for elephants, buffaloes, antelopes. If luck is on your side, even lions and leopards! As dusk falls return to your lodge for a dinner. Enjoy a relaxing overnight stay.

Day 7; Unforgettable experiences await in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Begin the day with an early morning game drive when wildlife activity’s at its peak. Explore areas of the park like Mweya Peninsula or Ishasha sector – for its impressive tree climbing lions! Marvel at the landscapes that surround you while encountering animals such, as warthogs, hyenas and an array of fascinating bird species.

In the afternoon you can hop on a boat, along the Kazinga Channel. Enjoy cruising through the channel while observing wildlife such as hippos, crocodiles and a variety of birds like African fish eagles, pelicans and kingfishers. This boat safari offers an perspective of the park and its magnificent creatures. After this experience it’s time to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth National Park and start your tour back to Entebbe.

You will reach Entebbe in the evening where you’ll be transferred to Entebbe International Airport for your departure flight. This marks the end of your amazing budget wildlife safari, in Uganda.