6 Days Uganda Walking Safari, Gorilla Trek & Lake Bunyonyi

Day 1; Arriving in Entebbe

When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport our guide will be there to welcome you and take you to your accommodation, in Entebbe. Take some time to unwind and get ready for the adventures that lie ahead.

Day 2; tour to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

After enjoying your breakfast begin on a drive towards Bwindi Impenetrable Forest located in the southwest of Uganda. Along the way soak in the landscapes. Get glimpses of the rural communities. Once you reach your destination check in at a lodge or camp situated near the park.

Day 3; Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Rise early for an exciting day of gorilla tracking. Meet with your guide who will lead you into the forest as you search for one of the habituated gorilla families. Trek through vegetation following signs and sounds that guide you towards these creatures. When you finally encounter them spend an awe inspiring hour observing them in their habitat. Afterward return to your lodge and unwind.

Day 4; Exploring Nature and Engaging with Communities

After a breakfast begin on a guided nature walk within Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Accompanied by a guide who possesses knowledge, about the forests ecosystem and its inhabitants delve into diverse flora and fauna exploration.In the afternoon take some time to explore a community and immerse yourself in their rich culture and way of life. Engage with the locals participate in activities and gain an appreciation, for their unique customs.

Day 5; tour to Lake Bunyonyi

After enjoying your morning meal begin on a drive towards Lake Bunyonyi often referred to as the “Place of Little Birds.” Prepare to be captivated by the surroundings as you reach the lake nestled amidst rolling hills. Upon arrival at your lodge take a moment to unwind and relax. Later in the day set off on a adventure across the lake exploring its picturesque islands while reveling in the tranquil ambiance.

Day 6; Exploring on Foot and Farewell

Begin your day with an invigorating hike around Lake Bunyonyi, where you’ll be treated to breathtaking landscapes and panoramic vistas of both the lake and its surrounding hills. Once you’ve completed your hike return to your lodge for a breakfast followed by some downtime. In the afternoon bid farewell to Lake Bunyonyi as you make your way back to Entebbe. Our knowledgeable guide will accompany you to Entebbe International Airport for your departure bringing an end to your walking adventure, in Uganda.

Please keep in mind that gorilla trekking permits are highly sought after and limited in availability. We strongly recommend securing these permits ahead of time.
You have the flexibility to personalize this itinerary by adding activities or destinations according to your preferences and the length of your trip.