Tanzania: Jumbo hunting quota halved

The elephant population needs to grow.... The elephant population needs to grow….[/caption] the dead elephants, inform the transporters who deliver the merchandise to exporters who are in communication with buyers in distant markets. The minister thanked the United States of America for being very supportive by sharing information, strategies and experiences to help the country and the east African region bring poaching to an end. Ambassador Childress reassured Tanzania of the USA’s continued support to conserve the wildlife. Tanzania recently received a Robinson R44 helicopter from America to facilitate surveillance in the game reserves and national parks. Statistics indicate that poaching reached the alarming level such that the elephant population in the famous Selous Game Reserve, the largest in the world and Ruaha National Park dropped from 74,416 in 2009 to 33,084 in 2013 as a result of poaching activities. More than 20,000 elephants have been killed over the last decade and 80 per cent of the animal killing happened in East Africa. Elephants which are one of the “big five” are a major tourist attraction in Tanzania and poaching of this specie is affecting tourism in Tanzania. Tanzania safaris are mostly about wildlife and game viewing, if poaching continues, demand for Africa safaris is bound to reduce.]]>