Uganda Coffee Safari, Agro Tourism in Uganda

Coffee is the perfect definition of an international beverage. People in various countries across the world are in love their morning coffee, and the caffeine boosts it gives them during the day. It is what many would call a uniting factor for many cultures.

Uganda exports coffee and is heavily dependent on coffee production. Ugandans might grow and export coffee, but they don’t drink it as much as Americans do. So it gets quite hard to get excellent processed coffee especially in low budget hotels and lodges. The high budget, and more expensive hotels, and coffee shops offer some really good coffee, but these can put a strain on your budget if you are on a safari in Uganda. There is only so much effort you can expend looking for a good cup of coffee and only so much money you can spend.

Coffee made in Uganda...

Coffee made in Uganda…

What kind of coffee is produced in Uganda?

In Uganda, the types of coffee grown include Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee grows in the wild and is the most common coffee in Uganda. Farmers in South western Uganda grow Arabica coffee. Arabica coffees originate from Ethiopia, but it is also grown on the foothills of mount Rwenzori. On the slopes of Mount Elgon, there is another type of coffee grown known as Bugisu coffee which according to some people is the very best coffee in Uganda.

Coffee consumption is on the rise in Uganda, especially with the increasing number of foreigners in the country and level of exposure to other countries and cultures.  Most Ugandans however are more about tea than coffee, but there are a few who love their coffee. There are a few who can brew an excellent cup of coffee that keeps you coming back for more.

A few American visitors testify that Arabica coffee beans produce the kind of coffee they usually have back home.

Where can I get a decent cup of Coffee?

There are few African and Ugandan coffees brand shops especially in Kampala such as Good African Coffee, which cater for the avid coffee lover in Kampala. Some Coffee shops and restaurants that make good coffee include; Café Pap, 1000 cups of Coffee, the Ban Café, Java Cafés found around Kampala. They usually have delicious pastries on sale, and free wireless internet. They also offer meals; breakfast, Lunch and dinner.

If you’re travelling to Uganda for an African safari or any other trip and you think you cannot do without coffee, you can always carry a French press with you. When you get here buy some freshly ground Bugisu coffee and makes yourself a cup. The coffee from Star coffee company is well packaged, fairly priced and quite good; it too gives you a taste of Africa. 250g of this Ugandan delicacy goes for about USD 4.

Ugandans are tea drinkers though, probably because of the colonization era history. The country was colonized by the British who equally love their tea. The coffee craze however is catching on pretty first and there are more shops coming up every day, and making better coffee so you will not be derived of your daily dose of caffeine when you make your Uganda safari trip.