Rwanda tourism: New bus routes in the works

Rwanda’s Trinity express bus services[/caption]

Transportation across borders is big factor that affects tourism in East Africa. There is always need for a new route for bus services and air couriers and it is a good thing that transportation companies are venturing out into new territory every other day.

Trinity express, a bus company is almost ready to launch new routes to Tanzania, Eastern Congo and Burundi. Trinity express has in recent years become one of the largest bus operators between Kigali and Kampala and is looking to expand its market in Bujumbura, Dar es salaam, and Goma.

For most people in the region, travel by bus is the easiest and affordable way to make long tours, travel by air is more a luxury than a necessity for many and since there is no railway travel in Rwanda the best way to connect Rwanda to rest of East Africa is by road transportation until standard railway tracks are extended to the country from Mombasa through Mombasa across the Uganda border through Kampala and on to Rwanda.

The route by road runs along what is known as the Central Transport Corridor and will be crossing into Tanzania at the just opened one stop common border point at Rusumo, where a few months ago a new bridge was opened too, both generously financed by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency JICA.

For long now long distance travel across East Africa has been done by bus. It is affordable for locals and there is quite the price competition among the different bus operating companies. Lately however, a few airlines are doing their best to give bus services a run for their money by lowering airline tickets for flights within the region. In Tanzania for example, the air tickets for domestic flights sell for as low as $20 including taxes, and tickets for flights across the region can go for $50. Kenya also has some low cost flight tickets that compete favourably with bus fares.

Rwanda however needs more connection to the rest of the region to boost trade, travel and tourism. These new routes to Tanzania by Trinity express can only be a good thing. The company has already become popular with travelers from Rwanda to Uganda both locals and foreigners. Tourists on Uganda safari have travelled to Rwanda and back, the same could be the case with Tanzania-Rwanda bus routes. After your 3 day gorilla tour to Rwanda, one can take on a bus to a preffered destination within East Africa.

The routes to Bujumbura and Gomba will also be a good addition to the Rwanda’s trade and tourism routes.