2 days Murchison Falls Safari On Budget

2 Day Murchison Falls Mini Wildlife Safari Uganda – An idea of a true Uganda Wildlife Safari Murchison Falls – the largest park in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park presents one of the finest all-around Safari Experiences that is readily available in Uganda – ranging from fishing on the Nile for the large Nile Perch to viewing elephants, leopards, giraffes, hyenas, baboons, warthogs, hippos, lions, buffaloes, various antelopes species, countless bird species, among which are migratory species like, and various storks like the hard-to-find shoebill. Stork, reptiles, butterflies and a Savannah that is beautiful, forests that just make you want to take a hike, and then there are the falls, absolutely fantastic.

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If you have only three days to spare, Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park is where you can visit and enjoy a genuine African Safari. 2 days within the African Wilderness. Murchison Falls Park is the finest all around wildlife National Park in the whole of Uganda offering you the utmost views of wildlife and picturesque wonders on a Mini-Safari of 2 days.

Day 1

Leave your accommodation in Kampala at around 6:00 am and drive through the suburban areas of Kampala in the direction of Masindi, through Luwero. The drive takes 5 and half hours however breathtaking and will definitely offer you a taste of Uganda’s beautiful evergreen countryside. Reach Murchison Falls Park, check in to the national park and then continue to cross the river Nile by ferry.

You will cross to the Paraa Part of the river where you will easily see most of the wildlife within the park including some large wild cats. Check into your accommodation – Fort Murchison Lodge which looks over River Nile plus the adjacent flood plains filled with a profusion of wildlife. Here you will choose between self-contained rooms having a private bath – or the furnished tents elevated on concrete platform and sheltered with a thatched roof with a shared bath.

This Fort Murchison is among the better full-board better budget or reasonable priced lodges offering full-board breakfast, lunch plus dinner which is not just a simple meal but normally a satisfaction. All things are included besides items like laundry, sodas, wine, tip and beer. Have Lunch at Fort Murchison Lodge as you have a fantastic view of River Nile. Enjoy a Boat ride Safari in the Afternoon on the Nile and this is the highlight your safari here. The 3 hour boat ride takes you up to the bottom of the waterfalls and thereafter returns.

You will be able to take wonderful pictures of these powerful waterfalls on the great Nile. See large Elephant herds going to the river, crocodiles, buffaloes and antelopes, schools of hippos, various birds on the river banks and also on land.

Get off at the bottom of the waterfalls for a guided 45 minutes hike along the sides of these robust waterfall – this is a route with history; actually Winston Churchill used this path to carry on his journey using boat through Uganda in the direction of Egypt plus Sudan . Your Driver-Guide will meet you at the top of the waterfalls and you will again cross by ferry to Fort Murchison Lodge Dinner and slumber at Fort Murchison

Day 2

Breakfast at Fort Murchison – have a game drive in the park, through the Savannah, near Lake Albert. You will see Lions, if lucky a leopard, several elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes, numerous antelopes and a wide range of Savannah plus water birds.

You will drive in a 4WD Safari Vehicle having a pop-up roof ideal for game viewing as well as photography. You will be accompanied by a Ugandan Wildlife Authority Ranger who will unveil to you the various things that you could have missed out like a leopard which normally moves alone in a stealth way, the ranger will also point out a number of birds and plants species to you and not to forget the wildlife. Every game drive differs and the driver takes time driving you slowly so that you don’t miss out on anything.

What is important is that you enjoy a satisfying experience when out in the Savannah. Visitors are usually finding this game drive an extremely special experience and yet again the Murchison Falls presents some of the finest wildlife viewing in the whole of Uganda. Cross River Nile by the Ferry and drive back to the capital Kampala or to Entebbe. Have Lunch at the Masindi Hotel with Two sodas or a beer as a complimentary from us. Go back to Kampala or back Entebbe.

Below are the things we offer you to accompany you on your safari

An English Speaking Safari Guide Driver with Five years and more Experience within the Safari business and also trained in customer care. A 4WD Safari Vehicle having a pop-up roof for the finest game viewing. Some Bottled water in vehicle, Full Board Reasonable Priced Better Budget Fort Murchison lodge.

A Game Drive in the company of a UWA Guide – a game drive at sunset may be added following your boat ride on request. Have a Boat Ride Safari along the River Nile. Hike to the top of the waterfalls.

Ferry Crossings, park Entrance fees plus activities stated, Lunch at the Masindi Hotel. It doesn’t include drinks like wine, sodas and beer at Fort Murchison and doesn’t include tips.

This 2 day Private – Better Budget Reasonable – Mini-Safari is properly suited for people that have only a few days left on their tight agenda in Uganda like Volunteer groups have enjoyed this up market mini-safari, airline staff on a holiday, business associated travelers, plus many others. It provides you with a taste of the true African Wildlife vacationing in Fort Murchison, all at a reasonable cost.

Enjoy Uganda the Pearl of Africa.