10 Days Mount Rwenzori, Margherita Peak

Bukurungu Trail; A 10 Day tour, to Margherita Peak in Rwenzori

The Bukurungu trail also referred to as the “Foothills trail ” is a known and frequently traveled path that leads to Margherita Peak in the Rwenzori Mountains, which happens to be Ugandas highest peak. This route offers an unique experience as it takes you through communities and stunning natural landscapes. Here is a suggested itinerary for your adventure;

Day 1; Arrival in Kasese

Upon arrival in Kasese settle into your hotel accommodation. Meet with your guides to finalize all arrangements for your trek.

Day 2; Kasese to Kilembe to Sine Camp (2,596 meters)

begin on a drive from Kasese to Kilembe, where your hiking tour begins. Trek through the montane forest, where you may catch glimpses of monkeys and various bird species. Finally reach Sine Camp where you’ll spend the night.

Day 3; Sine Camp to Mutinda Camp (3,582 meters)

Continue your hike from Sine Camp venturing into the bamboo zone and then onwards into the Heather Rapanea zone. Along this stretch you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Afro alpine vegetation and the mesmerizing Waterfall Camp. Your overnight stay awaits at Mutinda Camp.

Day 4; Mutinda Camp, to Bugata Camp (4,062 meters)

Todays hike takes you towards Bugata Camp as you pass by moss covered rocks and several babbling streams along the way.
Bugata offers views of Mount Stanley, Mount Baker, Weismanns Peak and McConnells Prong.

Day 5; Depart, from Bugata Camp.

Make your way to Hunwicks Camp at an elevation of 3,874 meters. Along the way you’ll descend to Lake Kopello before ascending over Bamwanjarra Pass (4,450 meters). On a day take in the sights of Mount Stanley, Mount Speke and Mount Baker. Once you’ve crossed the pass descend to Hunwicks Camp where you’ll spend the night.

Day 6; begin on a hike from Hunwicks Camp towards Margherita Camp at an elevation of 4,485 meters.

Immerse yourself in the awe inspiring landscapes of the alpine zone along the way. At Margherita Camp, marvel at the grandeur of Weismanns Peak.

Day 7; Prepare for a yet fulfilling day.

Rise early. Equip yourself with ropes and crampons as you navigate across the Stanley Plateau towards Margherita Peak (5,109 meters). Take your time to savor this summit experience before descending to Hunwicks Camp for overnight stay.

Day 8; Bid farewell to Hunwicks Camp as you descend further towards Kiharo Camp situated at an elevation of 3,460 meters.

En route revel, in the captivating presence of Lake Kitandara nestled amidst towering mountains.
After that make your way up, to Scott Elliott Pass. Then descend through a gorge to reach Kiharo Camp where you will spend the night.

Day 9; tour from Kiharo Camp to Samalira Camp (3,147 meters)

begin on a hike through the Bamboo Mimulopsis zone and the Afro montane forest zone as you descend towards Samalira Camp.

Day 10; Trek from Samalira Camp to Kilembe and then to Kasese

Make your way down, to the trailhead in Kilembe. Your driver will be ready to transport you to Kasese marking the completion of your tour.