Hiking Mount Muhabura in Rwanda

If you’re someone who enjoys adventure and appreciates the beauty of nature Rwandas rugged landscapes have a lot to offer in terms of experiences. One remarkable adventure that stands out is hiking Mount Muhabura, which’s one of the mountains forming the Virunga Massif.

About Mount Muhabura

Mount Muhabura, known locally as ‘The Guide’ proudly stands as the peak, in the Virunga Massif reaching an impressive height of 4,127 meters. This dormant volcano spans across both Rwanda and Uganda. Serves as a landmark in both countries skylines. The slopes of Muhabura are steep with its conical shape tapering to a peak. Despite its imposing height it’s possible to complete the trek up Mount Muhabura in one day. The mountain is home to wildlife species such as primates, birds and larger mammals. Along its slopes you’ll find scattered senecio plants that create a truly surreal sight. To add allure to this mountain experience there’s a crater lake at the summit that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Hiking Requirements

To hike Mount Muhabura it’s important to have a level of fitness due, to the steep slopes and high altitude involved. Experienced hikers may find this climb strenuous and challenging. To make the most of your hiking experience at altitudes it’s advantageous to have hiking experience. Before begining on this adventure it is essential to obtain a hiking permit, from the Rwanda Development Board. Its recommended to book this permit in advance to ensure availability. Furthermore please note that all hikers are required by Rwandan authorities to be accompanied by a guide. These guides, provided by the Rwanda Development Board possess expertise on the terrain. Are equipped to handle any emergencies that may arise. While not mandatory it is advisable to consider hiring a porter who can help carry camping gear and supplies.

Mount Mubahura Hiking Cost

In terms of costs as of 2023 the hiking permit for Mount Muhabura is priced at $75 USD. This fee covers the cost of the guide provided by the Rwanda Development Board. If you require a porters assistance an additional expense will apply. Please keep in mind that transportation to and from Volcanoes National Park, accommodation options, meals and personal expenses are not included in the permit fee. Accommodation can be found either in Kigali or near the park and caters to budget ranges. Additionally don’t forget to factor in costs related to hiking gear travel insurance coverage and any personal supplies you may need.

Regarding timing, for your Mount Muhabura hike;

While Mount Muhabura is open, for hiking all year many hikers prefer the seasons of December to February and June to September. During these months the trails are less muddy. Make the hike a bit easier.

However there’s a charm to hiking during the seasons of March to May and October to November. The mountain and its surroundings become lush and vibrant creating landscapes. Additionally these periods are usually less crowded with hikers. Just keep in mind that slippery trails and occasional rain showers are expected during this time.

begining on a hike up Mount Muhabura promises an exciting adventure with rewards for those who’re willing to take on the challenge. Its steep slopes and diverse plant and animal life offer an experience.

Nevertheless it’s important to acknowledge that this tour requires stamina so proper preparation is crucial. Always follow the guidelines provided by authorities. Show respect, for the environment. The true fulfillment lies not in reaching the summit but in embracing the entire tour – witnessing different wildlife species observing changing landscapes and feeling accomplished by conquering a demanding feat. Our aim is not to create lasting memories but to preserve this exquisite natural heritage for generations to come.

2 day hiking tour on Mount Muhabura;

Day 1; Arrival in Kigali

Upon your arrival at Kigali International Airport you will be greeted by your tour guide who will transfer you to your hotel. Take this day to relax and prepare yourself for the hike.

Day 2; Hiking Mount Muhabura

Begin your day with a breakfast before your guide takes you to Volcanoes National Park. Once you arrive at the park headquarters there will be a briefing session where you’ll meet the ranger guides who will accompany you on the hike.

The trek commences at the base of Mount Muhabura. Progresses through vegetation zones starting with bamboo forests and gradually transitioning into alpine areas as you ascend. While climbing keep an eye out for wildlife species such as primates, birds and larger mammals.

When you reach the summit take some time to rest and admire the breathtaking views that encompass Volcano Mountains, Lakes Edward and George well as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. After a deserved break begin your descent back, to the base.

Once you complete the descent your driver will be ready to bring you to Kigali. Depending on your departure flights timing you can. Stay overnight in Kigali. Head straight, to the airport for your departure.

Included in this package are features;
An experienced guide who speaks English fluently
One night of accommodation in Kigali
Transportation from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park and back
A permit for hiking Mount Muhabura
Drinking water provided during the hike
All necessary taxes and fees

Not included in the package and should be accounted for separately;
Flights to and from Kigali
Personal expenses such as souvenirs or additional drinks
Optional activities that are not mentioned in the itinerary
Travel insurance coverage
Tips for your guide

We understand that everyones preferences and budget may differ so we offer customization options. You can choose accommodations ranging from budget friendly to additional activities can be added based on your interests. As the hike requires stamina it is advisable that participants are, in physical condition. If needed, consulting with a doctor before begining on this tour is recommended.