What And Where To Eat In Uganda

Food is a necessity and a human right. When you are travelling anywhere, you will always wonder what you will eat when there. Some times its just mild curiosity, but other times it is a real concern. If you are travelling from the west to Uganda for a safari, you are definitely going to wonder about what to eat. And when you eventually get here and discover that you shouldn’t have worried that much, you will now want to know which places to go to, if you want to eat out especially if you are staying in Kampala. Kampala has eating places in every corner, but you need to be a little selective if you want good quality food, well prepared, and good service. Of course it also depends on your tastes, budget and the occasion.

What kind of food do restaurants in Uganda serve?

There is a variety of cuisines served all across Kampala. There are restaurants that serve Chinese food, Japanese food, Italian food, Turkish Mediterranean, French, Belgian, Goan and so much more, there also some American franchise restaurants like KFC and of course African and Ugandan dishes. Late night snacks, and ice cream and all those things you like to eat to spoil yourself are also available. The drinks are mostly what you are used to back home; sodas (Pepsi and coca cola brands), juice, bottled water, wine, vodka, beer. With wines there is not as much variety as you would find in Europe or in America. Most of the beer brands contain sugar, except for Club, and moon berg larger. There is a variety of drinks to choose from, you cannot fail to find to find something you like.

What are some of the eating places to visit in Kampala?

Here’s is a list of some of the eating places you could try out during your Uganda safari trip.

1000 Cups of Coffee: this is a good place to go and experiment with the various kinds of coffee available in Uganda. So if you are a coffee drinker looking for a place with real coffee. 1000 cups of coffee is just the place
Cafe Pap: this place has great coffee, good food, and amazing desserts, and free internet/Wi-Fi. It is a lovely place to have lunch, or breakfast or even a cup of coffee in the evening. They have good service, and the wait time is quite reasonable.
Garden City Mall Food court: there is a number of restaurants are in here. The prices are a bit higher but the location is convenient. You can catch a movie before or after.
Nando’s Restaurant: Nando’s is found in the city centre and is a combination of fast food and a bakery. It has good food, and baked goods, at friendly prices and the service is quite fast.
Domino’s Pizza: this is a good pizza place with fair pricing.
Ekitoobero Restaurant: if you are looking to try out some Ugandan dishes, this is the just the place. You will enjoy the delicious variety of Ugandan food. Everything from matooke, to groundnut paste, to kalo and so much more.

Haandi Restaurant: Haandi is one of the best Indian restaurants in Kampala. It serves a delicious chicken palak and all their dishes are well done. They have good efficient service and open spacious spotless kitchen. It does give you confidence in whatever comes out of it.

Fang Fang restaurant
Fang Fang restaurant
Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant: Good Chinese food and good ambience. It is a nice a nice place to visit. There is the main restaurant on Colville Street at the communications house, and a smaller one in Hotel Fang Fang on Ssezibwa road
New York Kitchen: A taste of New York in Kampala. If you are from the States this just might be the place where you can find some of the comfort foods of home. They might not always taste the same, but most find it a most enjoyable treat for some American Style food.
Sam’s Restaurant: they serve some Indian dishes and western dishes like steak and burgers and a few other exotic dishes. Their food is great and hard to complain about.
Shanghai Chinese Restaurant: Great food, live fish are stored in a pond until eating time. Authentic Chinese dishes of all kinds and reasonably priced.
The Lawns: this is a very pleasant setting and most that come here like the variety of food including wild game Great for lunch or an Evening Dinner with that exotic touch including some crocodile if you are in for trying it. It is located in Kololo.
Mamba Point: a simple upscale restaurant in a fantastic quiet setting with superb food, very classy Italian menu with price being in accordance. The Italian Food is Italian and the place is simply, if you are celebrating something this is one of the places on the recommend list.
Centenary Park : this park is located next to the Jinja road roundabout and has a variety of eating places some of which are listed below. The Chinese Restaurant:   their sizzling beef platter is well spiced and flavored and so are most of their dishes. It serves good Chinese food and has good service although the place can be a bit noisy. Kyoto Restaurant: this is a Japanese restaurant and serves great authentic well prepared Japanese food food5Centenary Barbeque Lounge: here you will find great German Food with a fusion of African flavor and dishes – BBQ at its best. You will have a variety of German dishes and some other international dishes. Le Chateau: Le Chateau has great food both mostly Belgian and continental and good service. Palm Cafe Pizzeria & Bar: Wood fire oven pizza, crispy crust, great toppings and very good pricing. It is found just before rest corner on your way from kabalagala. Coconut Shack: this is a Goan restaurant, and there is pork, something that you will not find in the Indian restaurants. They have good food and drinks. Little Donkey: if you are craving Mexican food, then you have it here at the little donkey. Chicken Tonight: this fast food Ugandan chain has several outlets in Kampala. It has good bbq’d chicken and pilau and is not expensive. Fasika Ethiopian Food:   Ethiopian food at its best in Uganda. It is located next to Payless Supermarket on Gabba Road. These are just some of the many restaurants found in Kampala. Some others include: Beijing Restaurant, Le Petit Bistro, Indian Summer, Café Roma, Effendy’s Restaurant, Kampala Casino Mamma Mia. You will be spoilt for choice when you choose to eat out in kampala during your sfari in Uganda.