4 Days Golden Monkey Trekking Uganda

Day 1; Arrival, in Entebbe

When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda our representative will warmly welcome you. They will assist you with immigration procedures. Transfer you to your hotel in either Entebbe or Kampala. Take some time to relax and get accustomed to the environment.

Day 2; Transfer to Mgahinga National Park

After having breakfast begin on a drive to Mgahinga National Park located in the part of Uganda. This park is well known for its endangered monkeys. Enjoy the landscapes and rural villages along the way.

Upon reaching the park check in at your lodge or campsite. Have a lunch. In the afternoon take a walk around the park to adjust to the altitude and appreciate the views of the Virunga Mountains.

Day 3; Golden Monkey Trekking

Rise in the morning. Savor a hearty breakfast before setting off for an exciting golden monkey trekking experience. The golden monkeys are a species found exclusively in the Virunga Mountains making Mgahinga National Park a remarkable place to observe and engage with them.

Accompanied by a guide venture, into the bamboo forests as you search for these creatures. Listen attentively for their calls while keeping an eye out for their golden fur.Once you find a group of golden monkeys take some time to observe their behaviors and unique characteristics. You’ll also get to learn about the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect these creatures.

After your golden monkey trek make the most of your day by exploring the park taking nature walks enjoying birdwatching sessions or even visiting the Batwa Pygmy community for a glimpse, into their culture.

Day 4; End Of Safari

On Day 4 it’s time to bid farewell to Mgahinga National Park after a breakfast. As you drive back to Entebbe, relish in the landscapes and rural communities along the way. When you arrive in Entebbe our representative will ensure a transfer to Entebbe International Airport for your departure. Take with you cherished memories of your adventure trekking with monkeys in Uganda.

Keep in mind that availability of golden monkey trekking permits can vary. It’s best to secure them in advance. Additionally this itinerary can be tailored to include attractions and activities in Uganda such, as gorilla trekking or exploring different national parks based on your preferences and trip duration.