Covid 19 Guidelines With Insight Safari Holidays

Uganda’s latest news about COVID-19 Restrictions

On Sunday June 6 the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni addressed the nation with new restrictions and precautionary measures aiming at curbing a recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Uganda for the next 42 days.
These measures do not impact tourism in any way. While restrictions for inter-district travel were implemented, tourism and tourist vehicles are exempt from these restrictions and therefore Insight safari Holidays can operate our vehicles with guests as normal. In addition, Aerolink and air charters are flying as scheduled with no restrictions. Hotels and lodges are operating under the strict, previously instated COVID-19 SOPs. Our safari guides are trained to follow all protocols (and are vaccinated!)
The rise in COVID-19 cases is mostly concentrated in urban areas such as Kampala and other larger cities and towns where social distancing is very hard. Tourist areas are well away from these urban centers. The tourism sector is taking all SOPs very seriously.

All visitors arriving in the country and they are not fully vaccinated are to undergo a mandatory Covid 19 on arrival at the airport. Cost for the test is $65 expecting results within 4 hours. For those who are fully vaccinated will only present a positive COVID-19 molecular test taken between 1 and 120 days prior to departure.

As always, you can find our latest updates on COVID-19 SOPs as well as testing requirements for entry/exit to Uganda on our website here or by contacting office on +256774382674 .

Worry –free post covid-19   safari plan with Insight safari Holidays.

With these uncertain times, Insight safari holidays guarantees that you can still book your dream trip without any worries. Our managements is with you on every step of your safari plan. Your safety while on safari and  well being is  a priority to us.



Guaranteed reschedule or credit note for   at least a period of one year. The  change of  reservations must be communicated  at least 27  days  before  the  departure  date  of  the original booking .



You will be required  to present  negative  covid  -19 test on arrival at the airport  and  the result should  not exceed  120  hours  from the time when  samples taken.   The same   will apply when   exiting the country.  We’re working with a selection of healthcare partners as recommended by the ministry of health to make covid-19 testing procedure easier for you. They offer mobile covid  -19 tests and  samples  can be collected  while on  safari.  You get results with on 12 /24 hours at a reasonable cost without hassling.

Even  visitors  who will  be vaccinated  they will  be   required  to present a negative  covid -19  certificate at the various border  points or  airport since  the vaccine is not yet fully confirmed by the WHO  to be free from the infection.

No Amendment Fees

All   reschedules  there are  no fees  charged  and  should  you wish to cancel   your  trip, our general  booking  terms  and conditions will apply for  the refund policy.    We have waived our amendment fees so you can amend your holiday with ease.  Should the new booking date requires an increase in cost due to change in the travel season, a revised   invoice will reflect the rate difference.

Notify us about the   changes up to 27 days before travel

   Covid-19   Health & Safety measures

All tourists’ sites and lodges are open and they operate on a daily basis. Provided you observe the SOPs set by MOH there will be no restrictions to access the sites. Such guidelines include:

Mandatory wearing of facemasks, regular hand sanitization, keeping 10 meters away from the animals, not feeding the animals, no sedans, and overcrowded vehicles in the parks.  All accommodation facilities   must comply with the covid  -19  guidelines.  Maintain at least a 1 metre distance from staff and other guests.  Hugging, handshaking or kissing must be avoided.  If you can’t guarantee the distance, wear a mask.

  Reschedule flexibility.

With our worry – free Travel Plan you can move your holiday to 2021 or 2022 date. Do not cancel your trip but reschedule to a future date with a free date change.

Getting in touch

If you have any questions about   booking a trip and the  covid -19  worry –free  policy , contact us for  further details.