Organisations come together to improve Stone Town

Some of the buildings that need improvement in the historical town Some of the buildings that need improvement in the historical town[/caption] Mohamed Bhaloo, the Chairman of Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society said that the memorandum of understanding, which was signed by him and Mr. Nicola Mogani, was an agreement by the different parties involved to work together in an effort to restore Zanzibar’s history and its heritage. Something that the Zanzibaris take great pride in. This project to improve stone town will involve a number of things, some of which are; it will establish or set up laboratory where materials to be used in the restoration of the houses in stone town will be analysed. This will be done in conjunction with the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA). SUZA is not the only academic institute involved in the project, Karune Institute of Science and Technology is also coming up with a curriculum covering the restoration of stone town. This will include the civil engineering on the heritage buildings in stone town. stone town has very old buildings, some of them built as early as the 19th century. although many of these are important historical landmarks which many tourists on safaris in Tanzania and Zanzibar are often eager to explore, they could do with some improvements and renovation. Stone Town has a record of over 1700 buildings. Karune Institute also plans to hold some meetings with all the stakeholders to discuss the stone town’s heritage and culture. The project is expected to be a a major job creator, creating about 15922 jobs. Other people who will benefit from include teachers, from the teacher trainings that will be conducted, students and the different parties involved in this development partnership. Zanzibar is a very popular tourist destination for people on safaris in Tanzania and the rest of east Africa. Its magnificent beaches and hotels make for a good holiday spot and the development of the historical town that is stone town will definitely benefit tourism in Zanzibar.]]>