10 Day Uganda Cultural Tour

Day 1; Arrival, in Kampala

Welcome to Uganda! Your incredible ten day cultural safari begins when you arrive at Entebbe International Airport. Our knowledgeable guide will be there to greet you warmly and escort you to your hotel in the heart of Kampala, the lively capital city of Uganda. Take the rest of the day to relax and recharge after your tour getting ready for the adventures

Day 2; Exploring Kampalas Cultural Treasures

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Kampala. Start your day with a visit to the Kabakas Palace, which’s the residence of Buganda king. Discover the heritage of Buganda Kingdom, a monarchy with a remarkable history spanning over 800 years. Next explore the Kasubi Tombs, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, where four Buganda kings have been laid to rest. In the afternoon indulge in a visit, to Ndere Cultural Centre—a captivating hub that showcases music, dance and storytelling from all tribes across Uganda. Let yourself be mesmerized by enchanting rhythms, colorful costumes and spirited performances.

Day 3; Heading to Jinja. The Origin of the Nile

On the day you’ll be traveling eastward to Jinja, a place known as the starting point of the Nile River. This tour will take you through landscapes and lively towns. Once you reach Jinja get ready, for a boat ride on the worlds river, where you’ll visit the exact spot where it begins its incredible 6,650 km tour towards the Mediterranean Sea. In the afternoon take some time to explore the town itself. Visit craft markets filled with handmade treasures and wander through the historic Indian quarters that reflect Jinjas colonial history.

Day 4; Moving to Sipi Falls and Experiencing Local Culture

After enjoying a breakfast in Jinja continue your tour heading east towards Mount Elgons foothills. This area is home to the awe inspiring Sipi Falls, which consists of three cascades with one of them dropping a 100 meters. Take a guided walk to fully appreciate these falls and then immerse yourself in Sabiny culture. Pay a visit to a homestead. Witness traditional activities such as grain grinding, weaving and beer brewing.

Day 5; Exploring Mbale and Discovering Bagisu Tribe

On Day 5 proceed towards Mbale which is known for being, to the Bagisu tribe renowned for their male circumcision ceremony called Imbalu that takes place locally.
Discover the rite of passage. Delve into the ancient customs, traditions and beliefs of the tribe.

Day 6; tour, to Mbarara and Visit to Igongo Cultural Center

begin on an adventure to Mbarara, a captivating destination in Uganda. Immerse yourself in the heritage of the Ankole people at the Igongo Cultural Center, a place dedicated to preserving their age traditions. Explore captivating exhibits showcasing artifacts, traditional homesteads and lifelike sculptures. On indulge in an Ankole meal before settling down for a restful night.

Day 7; Exploring Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Rise and continue your tour southwest towards Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for its majestic mountain gorillas. As you traverse through Ugandas countryside adorned with rolling hills and terraced landscapes, marvel at natures beauty along the way. Upon reaching the park take some time to relax and prepare for a gorilla trekking adventure that awaits you tomorrow.

Day 8; Unforgettable Gorilla Trekking Experience in Bwindi

The pinnacle of your trip is here – an encounter with Bwindis mountain gorillas. After enjoying a breakfast gather at the park headquarters where knowledgeable rangers will provide you with insights for your trek. Equipped with this information begin on an exciting tour, through forests as you track down one of the remarkable gorilla families.Watching these creatures, in their habitat for an hour is truly a breathtaking experience.

Day 9; Immerse Yourself in Batwa Culture

Spend Day 9 with the Batwa people, who’re the inhabitants of Bwindi forest. Engage with this community. Learn about their way of life as hunter gatherers their unique customs and their deep connection with the forest. Take part in a hunting excursion discover how they gather plants and witness captivating performances of traditional songs and dances.

Day 10; Returning to Kampala and Saying Goodbye

After enjoying breakfast bid farewell to Bwindi as you begin on your tour to Kampala. Along the way take a break for lunch in Mbarara. Once you reach Kampala you may have some time left for a visit to the craft markets, in the city center. It’s an opportunity to pick up those Ugandan souvenirs before concluding your unforgettable ten day cultural expedition through Ugandas heartland.