The Igongo cultural center and museum

The Igongo cultural center and museum

 You could stop visit the cultural center and have your lunch there. There are is a very beautiful gardens with beautiful flowers and plants that is a perfect reflection of the countryside, a museum, a crafts shop and a restaurant which serves local dishes such as millet bread, and matooke, and local drinks such millet and sorghum. It is an all round cultural experience in a very short time.

The local food in the restaurant is prepared from ingredients that are locally and organically grown and are fresh from the farmers. Even the steak or beef is from local Ankole cattle, and it is very tasty and a healthy source of protein. The restaurants do serve some international dishes, if you are crazing for something western, and the food is very well prepared.

The staff is efficient skilled and professional, you will not be disappointed. There is a variety of refreshments for you to quench your thirst and refresh you from one leg of your tour before you continue on to your destination. Most of the employees are from local communities in the area, so the Igongo cultural center is a source of employment for locals and a market for local farmers as well.

So whatever money you spend is eventually going to the community, good deeds manifest in many ways After enjoying the amazing food, the environment, and visiting the museum and the cultural center and learning more about the history, traditions and culture of the locals in the area, you will not regret making the stop at Igongo cultural center and museum.

A Uganda safari is not only about wild animals, gorillas, and mountains, it is also about the subtle and simple things like this restful cultural center. It is all an exploration of Africa and the many things the continent has to offer.