Tanzania Cultural Tours

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8 days safari in Tanzania, see the big five on a game drive, visit the local villages for cultural experience.
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Explore Ngorongoro, Lake Eyasi in Tanzania, visit the local communities for a unique cultural experience.
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10 day wildlife safari tour in Tanzania, where untamed Tarangire and the legendary Serengeti await. Experience something truly special with

Major Tribes in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country that boasts a tapestry of cultures comprising more, than 120 tribes each with their own unique language, customs and traditions. The primary languages spoken are Swahili and English. There are also tribal languages in use.

Maasai Tribe

Among the tribes in Tanzania the Maasai tribe stands out as one of Africas most renowned. They are known for their customs and attire embodying a nomadic lifestyle deeply rooted in warrior culture. Additionally they hold reverence for their livestock and land.

Hadzabe Tribe

Another intriguing tribe is the Hadzabe people who have maintained a hunter gatherer way of life of times. They reside in the areas surrounding Lake Eyasi in the Rift Valley well as the Serengeti Plateau.

Datoga Tribe

The Datoga tribe, on the hand are pastoralists recognized for their metalwork skills. Women from this tribe adorn themselves with decorated leather dresses while men often engage in blacksmithing activities.

Chaga Tribe

Lastly we have the Chaga tribe situated around the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. These resourceful people are known for their agriculture practices, on the volcanic soils found on this majestic mountain.

Cultural Sites in Tanzania

Olduvai Gorge

When it comes to sites exploring in Tanzania Olduvai Gorge holds great significance. Often referred to as “The Cradle of Mankind ” this gorge is a site offering evidence of early human species dating back nearly 2 million years.

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Stone Town, in Zanzibar holds the title of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Is known for its charming traditional houses, narrow alleyways, a Sultans palace and numerous mosques. What makes it more fascinating is how its history reflects the influences that have shaped Swahili culture over the years resulting in an enchanting blend of Arab, Persian, Indian and European elements.


This particular site has gained fame for being the discovery site of footprints belonging to hominins. These remarkable footprints were preserved in ash. Are estimated to be around 3.6 million years old.

Kilwa Kisiwani

Kilwa Kisiwani is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that deserves recognition. It was once the thriving center of the Kilwa Sultanate during times. At its peak this sultanate held authority over the stretch of the Swahili Coast. Exploring this site will treat you to breathtaking ruins dating back to the century.

Tanzania Cultural Facts & Figures

Lets delve into some facts and figures about Tanzania! With over 120 groups residing within its borders it showcases cultural diversity. The largest tribe in Tanzania is known as Sukuma. Makes up 16% of the population.

Another noteworthy population group is the people who are estimated to number around 1.5 million individuals. Many still maintain their nomadic lifestyle today adding a touch of authenticity to Tanzania’s rich cultural tapestry.

Tanzania takes pride in having seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites under its belt—each one deserving attention and admiration! Among these sites are locations like Serengeti National Park—a haven for wildlife enthusiasts—and Ngorongoro Conservation Area—an area brimming with wonders.

Lastly we have Olduvai Gorge, a site of significance. Situated within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area it is considered one of the prehistoric sites in the world. Exploring this gorge will transport you back in time. Provide insights, into our human ancestors.

Tanzania truly holds a treasure trove of captivating history diverse cultures and breathtaking natural wonders just waiting to be explored.