Mikumi National Park

The first rays of the beautiful sun color the light grass heads waving across these plain in a tan radiance. You will see numerous zebras, certain about their camouflage at this hour when predators are busy, posing like ballerinas, with their heads aligned plus the stripes blending in moving motion.

Mikumi National Park is nest to the northern border of the largest wildlife reserve in Africa – the Selous,  and is divided by the well surfaced road between Iringa plus Dar es Salaam . It is therefore the most reachable section of the 75,000 square kilometer (47,000 sq mile) area of wilderness which extends east nearly as far as the big Indian Ocean.


The profusion of wildlife plus the open horizons of the Mkata Floodplain, the renowned centerpiece of Mikumi, attract regular comparisons to the more renowned Serengeti Plains.

Lions move through thus grassy kingdom of theirs as the zebras, wildebeests, impalas as well as buffaloes move across these plains moving from the flattened surfaces of termite mounds, or at times, in the rains, moving from up in the trees. The Giraffes move in the remote acacia stands that line River Mkata, in addition the elephants in Mikumi really love the islets.

Cut through by a well connected network is game drive trucks; the Mkata Floodplain is possibly the most dependable destination for seeing the strong eland (which is the largest antelope in the world) in the whole of Tanzania. The equally striking greater kudu plus the sable antelope survey through the foothills of these mountains covered with miombo that stand over the park borders.

Over 400 species of bird have been put to book here among which are the colorful commonly seen residents like the yellow-throated longclaw & bateleur eagle plus lilac-breasted roller, together with a host of several European migrants particularly in the rainy season. Just 5 kilometers north from the main gate are two pools whose main attraction are the numerous hippos that stay there.

Size and location of Mikumi National Park
the national park covers a total expanse of 3,230 square kilometer (1250 square miles), the 4th biggest game park in the whole of Tanzania, and it is a section of the larger ecosystem of Selous Game Reserve.

The park is located 283 kilometers or 175 miles west of the capital city  Dar es Salaam, which is north of the big Selous, and along the way to Katavi, Ruaha plus Udzungwa.

How to reach Mikumi National Park
There is a well surfaced road that joins Mikumi to the capital Dar es Salaam through Morogoro; taking a approximately a four hours drive.
in addition a road connects to Selous, Udzungwa and Ruaha (useable only in the dry season).
there is also charter flight connecting from Dar es Salaam, Selous or even Arusha. The local buses that come from Dar es Salaam to the park headquarters where all game drives are arraged are also available.

Activities to enjoy in Mikumi National Park

Visitors can participate in guided nature walks as well as Game drives, or even Visit the adjacent Udzungwa or drive on to Ruaha and Selous.

The best time to visit Mikumi National Park

The park can be visited all year round.