4 Day Safari South Africa

Day 1; Arriving at Kruger National Park

Welcome to South Africa! When you arrive our team will warmly greet you. Help you with your transfer, to Kruger National Park, a world safari destination in Africa. Prepare yourself for an experience in the heart of the wilderness.

Once you’ve settled into your accommodations within the park take some time to unwind and fully embrace the tranquil surroundings. As the sun sets indulge in a dinner. Get ready for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

Day 2; Exploring Kruger National Park with Full Day Game Drives

Today we’ll begin on an exciting day of game drives allowing us to explore the landscapes and abundant wildlife of Kruger National Park. Accompanied by our guides we’ll traverse through ecosystems ranging from grassy plains to dense bushvelds while seeking out iconic species like elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffaloes. Famously known as the Big Five.

Keep your eyes peeled for a plethora of captivating wildlife encounters well. From giraffes and zebras to hyenas and elusive cheetahs every moment holds the potential for extraordinary sightings and awe inspiring photo opportunities. With over 147 species and, than 500 bird species thriving here Kruger offers endless chances to witness natures marvels firsthand.

Day 3; Exploring the Panorama Route and Experiencing a Private Game Reserve

Today we’ll step beyond Kruger National Park to discover the Panorama Route. Get ready to be amazed, by the views, majestic waterfalls and awe inspiring rock formations along this route. Some of the highlights include the Blyde River Canyon, Gods Window and Bourkes Luck Potholes.

In the afternoon we’ll make our way to a game reserve to Kruger National Park for an exceptional safari experience. Here expert rangers will guide us on thrilling game drives that greatly increase our chances of encountering wildlife up. Immerse yourself in this opportunity. Connect intimately with the wild inhabitants of the reserve.

Day 4; Morning Safari Drive and Departure

On our day we’ll rise early for an exciting morning safari drive seizing the chance to witness wildlife during their dawn hours. The African bush comes alive as predators begin their hunt and other park residents commence their routines.

After our drive we’ll return to the lodge for a breakfast while reflecting on the incredible experiences and memories forged during your South African safari adventure. Our team will be there to assist you with your departure arrangements ensuring a transfer, to either the airport or your onward destination.
Feel free to customize this itinerary based on your preferences, such, as choosing destinations, accommodations and activities. South Africa offers a range of landscapes and incredible wildlife providing an unforgettable safari adventure!