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Luxury Safaris

amboseli safari kenya
Discover Amboseli National Park experience diverse wildlife, visit a vibrant Masai village, and enjoy exciting full-day and night game drives.
masai mara safari kenya
Take a trip to Masai Mara one of most popular National Parks in the world, See the big five animals
The best wildlife viewing safari destination in the world in Masai Mara. Experience all this in a 4 day safari vacations.
kenya safari packages
Take on a 5 day safari in Kenya as you explore the various National Parks, spot the big five in
masai mara safari kenya
Experience the adventure of a lifetime on a 6-day safari in Tanzania. Explore the vast plains of the Serengeti, witness
kenya safari adventure
On this week long safari, visit Amboseli National Park, Naivasha, Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara and witness the wildebeests and
safari tours kenya
See the big five in Kenya's Masai Mara, experience the pink flamingoes in Lake Nakuru National Park, tour other wildlife
kenya safari culture
Take a game drive safari on 9 days adventure to explore the parks wildlife, including creatures like lions,

Masai Mara Luxury Safaris

The Masai Mara National Reserve is named after the people, who’re the local inhabitants of this region. Covering an area of 583 miles, in south western Kenya it is a pristine wilderness. Interestingly it seamlessly connects with Tanzanias Serengeti National Park with a border marking their separation. The reserve is renowned for its population of Big Cats, as well as for hosting the awe inspiring Great Wildebeest Migration and showcasing the captivating culture of the Maasai people.

Angama Mara

Angama Mara is a luxury lodge that offers views from its elevated position above the mesmerizing Great Rift Valley. Inspired by the Swahili term meaning “suspended in mid air ” this lodge presents 30 tented suites adorned with an African touch. Each suite provides a 180 degree panorama of the Mara below through glass fronted walls and generous decks that appear to float above the valley. Moreover Angama Mara boasts experiences, a well equipped fitness center, an infinity pool for relaxation a curated gallery exhibiting African art and an array of exciting safari activities.

Cottars 1920s Safari Camp

Cottars 1920s Safari Camp perfectly captures the essence and allure of travel during the age. This distinguished camp offers a safari experience that transports guests back in time to relish in utmost luxury, amidst natures wonders.In a conservancy, to the Masai Mara this camp offers an intimate experience with just ten spacious tents. Each tent showcases antiques from the 1920s along with private dressing rooms and bathrooms. You’ll also find verandas that provide excellent opportunities for wildlife observation. There are plenty of activities to enjoy including game drives, guided walks, delightful bush meals and visits to Maasai villages to immerse yourself in their culture.

Amboseli National Park Luxury Safaris

Amboseli National Park can be found in the Rift Valley province. Covers 151 square miles. It has gained fame for being one of the places in Africa to observe elephants close and admire the breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro—the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.

Tortilis Camp

Tortilis Camp derives its name from the Acacia Tortilis tree with its top resembling an umbrella. This eco luxury camp is nestled within Amboselis Acacia Tortilis woodland area. It features 16 tents, each equipped with en suite bathrooms, elegant furnishings and a private veranda offering magnificent vistas of Mount Kilimanjaro. Additionally guests can partake in guided walks through nature explore culture through visits savor scrumptious bush breakfasts amidst stunning surroundings or enjoy sundowners, atop nearby Observation Hill.

Laikipia Plateau

The Laikipia Plateau stands as one of Kenyas wildlife rich regions.
The region consists of a combination of owned ranches, wildlife conservancies and small scale farms. This area serves as a sanctuary, for populations of wildlife species, such as Grevys zebra African wild dog and more than half of Kenyas black rhinos.

Segera Retreat

Located in the heart of Laikipia Segera Retreat stands as an oasis of luxury within one of Kenyas captivating safari destinations. It features eight villas that offer views of Mount Kenya and the untamed African savannah. The retreats architectural design beautifully blends aesthetics with eco friendly practices setting an exceptional example for sustainable tourism in Africa. Guests can enjoy a range of wellness activities including yoga sessions, spa treatments and fitness workouts.

Tsavo East and West National Parks

Together Tsavo East and West create one wilderness reserve, in Africa. This expansive area is home to diverse wildlife species including the renowned ‘red’ elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos and a wide variety of bird species.

Finch Hattons Luxury Tented Camp

Nestled amidst natural freshwater springs Finch Hattons seamlessly combines luxury with the beauty of the surrounding savannah. The camp offers a selection of accommodation options designed to evoke the opulence found in century safari camps.Each tented suite comes with a deck for observing wildlife and a private outdoor shower. The camp provides an array of activities, including game drives, guided bushwalks and visits, to Maasai villages.

Diani Beach

A true tropical paradise along the Indian Ocean coastline awaits you at Diani Beach. Stretching 19 miles this beach boasts crystal shallow waters and vibrant coral reefs. Visitors can explore the mesmerizing Marine National Park. Immerse themselves in the tranquility of the Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest.

Alfajiri Villas

Nestled in the heart of Diani Beach with views of the Indian Ocean these exclusive private villas offer a home away from home experience. Each of these three villas boasts a design with open plan layouts, high ceilings and expansive verandas that provide uninterrupted vistas of the ocean. With dedicated staff to cater to your every need and talented private chefs who specialize in seafood dishes and gourmet cuisine tailored to your preferences.


As Kenyas capital city Nairobi is home to, over 3 million residents—making it East Africas populous city. This vibrant metropolis seamlessly blends tradition with modernity to create a experience.

Giraffe Manor

Situated in Nairobis outskirts lies Giraffe Manor—a colonial era mansion of the early 1930s. The lodge is famous, for its group of resident Rothschild giraffes, who might come by during breakfast and curiously peek their necks through the windows hoping to receive a treat.