Kenya Honeymoon Safari

Honeymoon Safari Holidays

Masai Mara Honeymoon Safari

Experience a honeymoon safari, in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. This heartland of wildlife exploration is renowned for the Great Migration, where you and your partner can witness thousands of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes moving across the plains. Enhance your stay by choosing Mara Plains Camp, a luxury camp that offers views of the Mara private game drives and exceptional service. Imagine starting your day with a breakfast while enjoying the company of wandering elephants and graceful giraffes in the backdrop.

Amboseli National Park Honeymoon Safari

For an awe inspiring landscape and incredible wildlife encounters during your honeymoon safari Amboseli National Park is a must visit destination. This breathtaking park is famous for its elephant herds. Offers mesmerizing views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Consider staying at Tortilis Camp to indulge in vistas of this mountain. The camp ensures accommodations that will add a charm to your romantic getaway.

Samburu National Reserve For Honeymoon

If seclusion and a distinctive wildlife experience are what you seek for your honeymoon safari look no than Samburu National Reserve. This extraordinary park boasts wildlife, including the Samburu ‘Special Five’; Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, Grevys zebra, Gerenuk antelope and Somali ostrich. Embrace intimacy at Sasaab Lodge, with its tented rooms that offer bush meals and private plunge pools for a truly unique and comfortable safari experience.

Tsavo National Park

Are you planning a honeymoon safari in Tsavo National Park? Tsavo National Park, one of the largest parks, in Kenya is home to an array of wildlife. You’ll have the chance to see lions, cheetahs, elephants and buffaloes up close.. When it comes to accommodation Finch Hattons Luxury Tented Camp in the heart of Tsavo West offers a luxurious experience. They provide thrilling game drives walking safaris and cultural tours that will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Mombasa Honeymoon Holiday

After an exhilarating adventure on the mainland make sure to include a visit to either Mombasa or the stunning islands of Lamu. The coastal city of Mombasa is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines with beaches that offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t miss exploring Old Town, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its brimming with history influenced by Arab Portuguese cultures. For a experience in Mombasa consider staying at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort & Spa where you can enjoy delicious dining options rejuvenating spa treatments and breathtaking ocean views.

Lamu Island Honeymoon

If you’re seeking privacy during your honeymoon retreat Lamu Island is a choice. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts Swahili architecture blended with beaches that create an atmosphere, for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
The Peponi Hotel, situated on Shela Beach provides rooms with views of the sea. You can enjoy a swim, in the pool. Have a delightful dining experience under ancient baobab trees. It’s a place to create memories during your honeymoon.

Best Time To Visit Tanzania For Honeymoon

Determining the time to visit Kenya for a honeymoon largely depends on your preferences for wildlife. If you want to witness the Great Migration it’s advisable to plan your trip to Maasai Mara between July and October. For exploring Amboseli and Tsavo the seasons (January to March and July to October) offer conditions for game viewing.

If you prefer a beach honeymoon in Mombasa or Lamu the best times would be during the months of January to March and July to October. These coastal regions are stunning throughout the year except for the season in April and May when weather conditions may not be as favorable.

With its landscapes, wildlife, luxurious accommodations and vibrant cultures Kenya promises an exciting and romantic honeymoon experience. This magical destination offers a combination of adventure and relaxation that will make your honeymoon truly unforgettable.

To provide you with details on accommodation options within each park mentioned as well as Mombasa and Lamu please follow this format; [Insert details about accommodations in each park mentioned followed by information about accommodations, in Mombasa and Lamu.

Top Activities, for a Memorable Honeymoon Safari Experience in Kenya

1. Witness the Incredible Wildebeest Migration

Be captivated by the awe inspiring sight of millions of animals embarking on the worlds migration in Maasai Mara.

2. Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Soar above the Maasai Mara at sunrise in an air balloon marveling at the abundant wildlife below. Afterward indulge in a bush breakfast.

3. Delight in a Romantic Bush Dinner

Immerse yourselves in the beauty of nature as you enjoy a meal under the sky during a romantic bush dinner.

4. Kenya Cultural Experience

Immerse in Samburu Culture with a Village Visit
Engage with the Samburu people. Gain insights into their way of life, traditions and vibrant dances through an enriching visit to their village.

5. Experience Thrilling Night Game Drives

Uncover hidden treasures of Kenyas wildlife by embarking on exhilarating night game drives that unveil fascinating creatures not easily spotted during daylight hours.

6. Encounter Wilderness Close, with Walking Safaris

Walk through landscapes guided by knowledgeable naturalists allowing you to intimately connect with and appreciate Kenyas remarkable wilderness.

7. Conquer Mount Kenya

Seek adventure. Challenge yourselves by hiking Mount Kenya, Africas highest peak. Accompanied by guides lush forests while catching glimpses of monkeys, elephants and diverse bird species along your journey.

Mombasa Beach

Indulge, in relaxation along the beaches of Mombasa, where you can choose from locations like Diani Beach renowned for its soft sands and crystal clear waters.

Visit Lamu Town

Immerse yourself in the heritage of Lamu Old Town as you stroll through its narrow streets. This historic area is deeply rooted in Swahili traditions. Has been influenced by traders from Arab, Persian, Indian and Portuguese backgrounds.

Dhow Cruise At Lamu

Experience a moment by embarking on a traditional dhow cruise during sunset. Let the serene waters surrounding Lamu Island be the backdrop to your journey.

Delve into the mesmerizing realm through thrilling scuba diving or snorkeling adventures, in Mombasa or Lamu. Explore reefs bursting with an array of colorful marine life that will leave you awestruck.