Lake Kivu Rwanda

Lake Kivu in Rwanda is just the perfect place to wind down and relax after a full day or days of Rwanda safari activity. After mountain climbing, hiking, gorilla trekking, biking the Nile Congo trail, exploring Nyungwe forest and all the other activities you can possibly do while on Rwanda tours, you will need a good place to chill and relax and come down from the adrenaline highs. It is Rwanda’s very own inland beach and it doesn’t disappoint. While Kenya and Tanzania have beaches on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Rwanda has Lake Kivu. Lake Kivu offers you sandy beaches, swimming, fishing, boating, wind-surfing, sail-boating, biking, nature-walks, cultural visits on, along or near Lake Kivu, you will not even miss the ocean beaches.

Lake Kivu, one of the lakes, in Africa lies on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Its calm blue waters, breathtaking hills and vibrant local life make it an absolute must visit destination for your adventure.

Exploring Lake Kivu

What sets Lake Kivu apart from lakes is its safe swimming environment as it lacks dangerous wildlife like hippos or crocodiles. The serene waters of the lake also maintain a temperature making it more enticing for swimming enthusiasts.

The lake is surrounded by towns known for their beach resorts. Among them Gisenyi, Kibuye (also referred to as Karongi). Cyangugu (Rusizi) stand out. Each of these towns offers an experience;

Gisenyi; This charming town is renowned for its beaches colonial era architecture and vibrant nightlife. Additionally you can explore the Bralirwa Brewery that provides guided tours for those in learning about beer making.

Kibuye; Considered the picturesque among the lakeside towns Kibuye boasts lush landscapes dotted with islands. Taking a boat tour to these islands is an activity here. Napoleon Island is particularly famous for its fruit bat colony while Amahoro Island (Peace Island) guarantees tranquility along, with a bar to unwind.

Cyangugu is a town renowned for its avian population. By Nyungwe Forest National Park is a rainforest teeming with biodiversity providing incredible opportunities, for trekking and chimpanzee tracking.

Activities to Enjoy at Lake Kivu;

begin on Boat Excursions; Discover the captivating islands of Lake Kivu. Witness the breathtaking beauty from the waters perspective. Some tours even offer fishing experiences for those

Engage in Water Sports; In addition to swimming indulge in water sports like kayaking canoeing and windsurfing that attract enthusiasts on Lake Kivu.

Explore Hiking and Cycling Routes; The Congo Nile Trail, which stretches alongside the lake presents fantastic options for hiking and biking. While the entire trail may be extensive shorter segments are ideal for day trips.

Delight in Birdwatching; With its array of bird species Lake Kivu serves as a haven for birdwatchers. Many fascinating species can be spotted from the shoreline; however taking a boat tour provides an opportunity to observe birds close.

Rejuvenate; Sometimes there’s nothing than embracing relaxation amidst natures splendor. Whether its losing yourself in a captivating book on beaches or savoring a drink while witnessing a mesmerizing sunset, over hills—the choice is yours.

If you’re planning a trip, to Rwanda don’t miss out on visiting Lake Kivu. Its conveniently located near the capital city of Kigali. Can easily be included in your itinerary if you’re also planning to visit Volcanoes National Park or Nyungwe Forest National Park.

When it comes to accommodation Lake Kivu offers a variety of options to suit preferences and budgets. You can choose from resorts or more affordable guesthouses all of which provide access to the beach and offer a range of water based activities.

But Lake Kivu is more than a lake; it’s a place where you can truly appreciate Rwandas landscapes enjoy various recreational activities and immerse yourself in the local culture. Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or prefer a travel experience Lake Kivu has something, for every traveler, including seniors.