Boat Trip Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu, located on the border, between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is known as one of Africa’s Great Lakes. Exploring this lake by boat offers a tranquil and breathtaking experience allowing you to take in the views of the surrounding hills observe diverse bird species and witness captivating sunsets. Here are some important factors to consider when planning your boat excursion;

Renting a Boat

To begin on your tour you have the option of renting a boat either through your accommodation or directly from operators. Some boats even come with crew members who can double as tour guides.

Prioritize Safety

Prioritize safety by ensuring that your chosen boat operator is licensed and adheres to safety regulations. It’s crucial to have essential safety equipment such as life vests readily available on board.

Plan Your Itinerary

Plan your itinerary in advance to make the most of your trip. You may want to explore the islands scattered throughout Lake Kivu each offering its unique attractions worth visiting. For instance Idjwi Island in DRC stands out as one of the islands globally and provides an opportunity to connect with local communities. On the side Napoleon Island is famous, for hosting a colony of fruit bats.

Consider the timing of your boat trip when visiting Lake Kivu. begining on an early morning excursion allows you to savor the peacefulness of the lake while observing fishermen in action. On the hand opting for an afternoon or evening voyage gifts you with a breathtaking view of the sunset as it gracefully descends upon the lake.

Keep your eyes peeled for a variety of bird species and other fascinating wildlife during your time, at Lake Kivu.

While Lake Kivu boasts a climate throughout the year it is generally recommended to plan your visit during the seasons. From June to September and December to February. For an optimal experience.

Don’t forget to pack items such as sun protection (such as a hat and sunscreen) binoculars for bird watching or wildlife spotting and if you fancy taking a dip remember to bring along your swimsuit. It’s worth noting that Lake Kivu is one of the lakes in this region where swimming is considered safe.

As you explore this captivating destination be sure to show respect, towards the culture and environment. Immerse yourself in the scenery. Appreciate the natural splendor that Lake Kivu has to offer. It truly is a treasure waiting to be explored.

Activities or Things To Do Around Lake Kivu Rwanda

Exploring by Boat

begining on a boat tour of Lake Kivu allows you to truly appreciate the beauty and peacefulness of the lake. You have the option to choose between a tour or joining a group and local guides are available to provide insights into the lakes ecology, local communities and historical background. Some tours even include visits to the islands scattered throughout the lake.

Island Excursions

Each island within Lake Kivu possesses its charm. For instance Napoleon Island is renowned for its population of fruit bats that take flight during dusk – a sight! On the hand Amahoro Island (also known as Peace Island) provides a setting for a leisurely picnic and a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters.

Bird Watching Delight

With its range of bird species Lake Kivu is truly a paradise for bird enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for captivating birds, like the kingfisher pied crow cattle egret and African fish eagle. Don’t forget to bring along a pair of binoculars and perhaps a bird guidebook to enhance your bird watching experience.


One of the aspects, about Lake Kivu is that it doesn’t have any animals like hippos or crocodiles making it a safer option for swimming. Additionally the risk of Bilharzia a disease caused by worms is relatively low in this lake. However it’s always advisable to check with experts to ensure safety.

Exploring Local Communities

Interacting with the communities provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in their culture and way of life. You might witness fishing boats returning from their expeditions explore local markets brimming with activity or even savor some delicious local cuisine.


Along the shores of Lake Kivu in towns like Kibuye and Gisenyi on the side you’ll find several trails perfect for hiking and biking enthusiasts. For instance there’s the Congo Nile Trail that spans over 200 km from Gisenyi to Kamembe and treats you to breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding hills.

Relaxing at Hot Springs

The hot springs in Gisenyi are a loved attraction, among both locals and tourists alike. These soothing warm waters are believed to possess healing properties while providing a tranquil setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Be prepared, for children who may approach you with an offer to boil eggs in the springs for a small fee – it’s quite a unique and interesting snack!

Coffee Tours

The area surrounding Lake Kivu is renowned for its coffee. Many coffee farms provide guided tours that showcase the coffee making process starting from the beans all the way to the cup. These tours often include tasting sessions where you can savor some of the coffee in the world.


Witnessing fishing on Lake Kivu is truly captivating at night when illuminated fishing boats create a mesmerizing spectacle with their lanterns. You can even arrange to accompany fishermen and learn about their fishing techniques.

Relax and Enjoy the View

One of Lake Kivu’s highlights is its sunsets. Find yourself a comfortable spot along the beach with a book or some music and relish in witnessing natures masterpiece as the sky transforms through various hues while the sun sets over the tranquil lake. These are a handful of activities that await you in and around Lake Kivu. As always remember to show respect, towards customs and preserve the environment during your visit.